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Laser tattoo removal is a method that requires persistence on both the specialist’s part and the patient. It can take up to 3 to 4 months to remove a tattoo completely. The time duration exclusively relies upon the extent of the tattoo, the ink utilized, how well the tattoo is made and your skin type. However, everything starts with a consultation.

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When you will go for a meeting with a laser expert, he will analyze your tattoos and note the information such as the size, shading, part of a tattoo and a couple of different features. All these aspects will decide what number of sessions will you need precisely and you will finish up with an accurate statement.

Colors Matter in Laser Tattoo Removal

The colors or shades of the tattoo plays a noteworthy job on how gradually the tattoo will fade away. Mostly, all blue and blue tattoos are simpler to eliminate. Color tattoos should be treated in steps, as every color requires an alternate connector when it’s being eliminated. Consequently, it takes longer. In any case, the colors are not the only thing that decides the durability of laser hair removal Dubai treatment, different factors, for example, the age of your tattoo, the value of the ink utilized play a role also.

A Cyclical Process

The laser specialist will laser away the undesirable ink by enabling the laser vitality to be consumed by the ink on your skin. It separates the tattoo color with easier removal.

Your lymphatic structure will assimilate the wrecked ink particles and will dispose of them from your body over a time of 4 to multi-week term. You will be required to go for numerous sessions of laser tattoo expulsion until the ink grows dim totally.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal Work for You?

It works for generally people. There are meager possibilities that you will have some sort of an antagonistic response to the laser; hypopigmentation, rankling or scarring. In the event that you pick your laser expert and the facility shrewdly, there are not many shots that you should experience the ill effects of any of it.

Different procedures

There are lots of laser tattoo removal procedures and most of them long-lasting methods include;

  1. Salabrasion:

This is an old procedure and a saline solution uses to remove the tattoo from upper layers of your skin. But it is not suitable for sensitive skin type.

  1. Dermabrasion:

In this method, sandpaper disc and wire brush are used for removing the laser tattoo. It is less painful and has lite risks of scarring. scar removal treatment is also available here.

  1. Excision:

This technique is usually best for small tattoos. It includes incision on the tattoo and after this skin is stitched together. It leaves little mark behind and requires some time for recovery.

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  1. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy:

In this technique, high energy is used to fade the tattoo. This method is painless and very effective than other procedures. A gel is applied on the tattoo and then the rod is used to produce pulses of light. IPL is providing you better results than the other procedures.



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