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Laser hair removal is one of the most in demand cosmetic procedures not just in Dubai but all over the world. Still, there is a number of myths are associated with this procedure can be a little off-putting. If you are in dire need of this hair removal technique, but you are not going to avail it just because of these myths, then you are losing an amazing opportunity. This post discusses these myths and also provides the truth against them so that you will know the facts rather than the fiction. Continue reading to explore more!

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Myth: This is not a safe procedure at all.

Fact: You don’t need to be worried about your safety when you get it done on your skin because the procedure is 100% safe. You will not get any kind of complications. Also, the side-effects will be temporary that is also minor. Skincare specialists are assured about its safety because it is approved by the FDA. Still, you should hire a practitioner, who uses an FDA-accredited laser. In this way, the chances of getting minimal risks turn into zero.

Myth: You will get an increase in hair growth after the procedure.

Fact: This statement is far from reality. If this is the truth, then people might get this treatment to grow their hair. Hair growth pattern is different in every person. Also, internal and external factors play their role. Hormonal changes can also indulge in making the process of hair growth fast. For example, some people start to grow more hair when they become older; on the other hand, some other people start to get a reduction in their hair growth as they age. However, one session is not enough to get rid of unwanted hair completely. It is just a start. You have to get multiple sessions to get the desired result.

Myth: Effectivity of laser is equal for all kinds of hair.

Fact: You will be amazed to know that the fact is totally opposite to this statement. Laser hair removal is not as effective on all types of hair. The type and texture of the hair of every person are different from another. You will get wonderful results on thick hair. Also, the laser works best for black hair. To clarify, if your hairs are dark and thick and skin color is light, you have a perfect combination to get outstanding results.

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Myth: To get amazing results, only one session is enough.

Fact: The truth is different. You have to get multiple sessions to get desired results. Only one session cannot provide you with the best results. Actually, some of your hair may remain in sleeping state in one session and laser cannot hit them in the session. The laser just hits active hair. So, multiple sessions will make it possible to hit all hairs on the targeted skin area.

If you would like to benefit from this technique, then you should select your practitioner carefully and understand fully about the treatment by having a thorough consultation!

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