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Cosmelan Professional Treatment

Cosmelan is of the best methods if you want to get rid of scars or hyperpigmentation. However, most of our patients come with the questions like how does the procedure work and what is its cost. So, we have collected information from the experts of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery to provide you realistic expectations. In fact, Cosmelan refers to a non-invasive procedure that is topical. You can get this procedure from an expert dermatologist. The purpose of this treatment is to cure your hyperpigmentation and other kinds of scarring. You can use this procedure on your face or any part of your body.

How Does It Work?

The procedure works by exfoliating your skin and producing new skin by peeling off the damaged skin. A kit includes four products that are used in this process. These products include a degreasing solution, Cosmelan cream, Cosmelan mask, & a Vitamin K cream.

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  • Degreasing Agent

Water & acetone is included in the degreasing agent. Your skin is cleansed with the use of this agent. Its purpose is to remove excess oils from your skin so that mask can work well.

  • Cosmelan Mask

In the second step, there is the requirement to apply the Cosmelan mask on your skin. This mask is the strong topical cream that functions to decrease hyperpigmentation. You will be sent back to your home after applying the mask with the instructions of removing it. As an estimate, 4-8 hours are required to wear this mask.

  • Removing the Mask

After that, you will need to remove your mask by following the instructions of your doctor. Water and a gentle cleanser will be used to remove the mask. After removal of the mask, you will need to apply Hydra Vital Factor K Cream (included in Kit) to the targeted area. This cream will assist to heal your skin and keep it moisturized.


How Does Cosmelan Professional Treatment Work?


  • Cosmelan 2 and Hydra Vital Factor K Cream

After that, you need to apply Hydra Vital Factor K cream and Cosmelan 2 cream on a daily basis. Our doctor will instruct you regarding their usage. Also, the use of sunscreen is recommended to keep your skin safe from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Skin Irritation

When you get an initial session in which the Cosmelan mask is applied, you may feel skin irritation. Also, the Cosmelan 2 cream may cause skin dryness and flaking of the skin. so, you may apply the Hydra Vital Factor K Cream after a few hours of the application of Cosmelan to reduce dryness. Normally, this condition settled down after 2 weeks.

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You may observe results after a few days of the treatment. The final results can be observed after 3-6 weeks. If you stop the use of Cosmelan 2 cream before the time prescribed by your doctor, you may get the hyperpigmentation again. It is necessary to follow the instructions of your doctor.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Cosmelan professional treatment cost may vary on the basis of the product a clinic is using or the commitment of results. Our experts always prefer to make a consultation before deciding anything. So, you should get your prior session if you want to know the exact cost as several factors are required to consider. We have made it easy for you as now you don’t need to be worried regarding the cost of initial consultation. All you need is to fill the following form and that’s it. After that, one of our experts will get back to you and you don’t need to pay any amount as it is for FREE. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, fill the form, and book your appointment now!

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