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Skin resurfacing is the most contemporary and direct approach to making facial scars less prominent and improves external skin quality. This can be achieved by laser, dermabrasion or chemical peel treatment and they all work to remove the top layer of skin and dead cells that contain the scar tissue as well as pits or bumps.  The advent of newer laser technology allows for greater control and accuracy as well as increased safety levels to treat the more delicate areas.

Skin resurfacing can be performed to address flaws in the skin such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth eyes and forehead
  • Pimple scars from either acne or measles
  • Skin that hasn’t responded to treatments such as facelifts
  • Skin that has been damaged from excessive tanning, sun exposure or ageing
  • Skin pigmentations such as liver spots
  • Unhealthy skin complexion
  • Bumps, pits or warts
  • Unsightly birthmarks
  • Overactive sebum glands and pores close to the skin

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular method used in skin resurfacing making use of rays of certain wavelength from the light spectrum. The laser machine in the hands of a dermatologist will be regulated to send concentrated pulses of photons at irregular skin. This effectively removes the unneeded damaged skin tissue containing scars and flaws a single layer at each time.

The specific prowess in laser skin resurfacing means that skin pigmentation remains uniform and doesn’t change when removing scars that are either lightly colored or darker colored than the surrounding skin complexion. Moreover certain wavelengths can induce collagen production in the skin and rejuvenate the skin giving it a healthier more youthful glow once treatment results become final.

The outer layer of skin that continues to be naturally replaced by the human body over the course of our lives called the epidermis is the targeted tissue in this treatment. Whilst burning away the top layer, the laser heats the underlying layer called the dermis inducing the production of collagen fibers hence causing the epidermis to grow back fresher and healthier.


Dermabrasion is the process in which a specific device covered in certain crystalline materials called a dermaroller is run over the skin surface remove the top epidermal layer of skin. Dermarollers are one type of instrument used for dermabrasion, although the basic technique can be carried out using a variety of other contemporary devices practiced by doctors worldwide. Depending the area of skin needing to be treated, dermabrasion may take anywhere from an hour to a little over 2 hours. Local anesthetic is administered to numb the pain associated with this rubbing away the top layer of skin. The skin will feel raw throughout the first 2 weeks of recovery until the patient heals properly. More than one session may be required but scars gradually become less visible over time. This method is only prescribed for younger patients with mild acne scarring as compared to severely scarred, aged, pigmented or flawed skin.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are widely prevalent in cosmetic clinics the world over in various levels of intensity, substances and purposes. Containing substances such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and phenols they are applied to the skin by a skilled dermatologist to corrode the top level of skin. This is a delicate procedure since there are different peels for different skin types that is also time sensitive as the peel should be removed after a few minutes. The discomfort level associated with this procedure is not unbearable and even though there will be burning feeling and right after the treatment you will be left with red sensitive skin, it will gradually peel away as dead skin to be replaced naturally by a newer smoother layer from below. This treatment is good for shallow pitted scars and may require several sessions to achieve desired results. A time period of 6 weeks is an average between each session until the scars fade away completely.

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Since every person’s lifestyle habits, biological setup, diet and skin genetics are different, a preoperative appointment with a dermatologist is necessary to determine the best treatment for you. Sign up today for a free consultation and get hooked up with one of our experts to find out more about pimple scars cosmetic surgery in Dubai.

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