Do You Wonder Why Skincare Regimens Aren’t one Size Fits All

Skincare treatment

Nowadays, a huge variety of skincare products and routines are trending in the world of cosmetics. You can choose skincare products from a huge pile of products at any drugstore. But you won’t be sure whether it is right for you or not. Various factors are responsible for making a skincare regimen effective. One skincare regimen will not benefit every person in the same way because every individual is different. So, everyone requires a personalized skin care treatment to get the desired results. You need a skincare regimen that is right for your skin, keeps it healthy, and fights the unwanted conditions simultaneously.

For this purpose, you must visit your dermatologist even if you are not suffering from a serious skin condition. They can help you in choosing the best skin care products that suit your skin type and condition.

Below, we have mentioned some factors that will explain why skincare regimens are not one size fits all.


Your skin keeps changing with time, so you don’t need the same product in your early thirties that worked amazingly on your skin when you were in your twenties. Or, if a product works for you, it may not work for your mom. With time, collagen productions slow down, and your skin becomes thinner. There are freckles and other signs of aging that also need to be treated. If you are in your early twenties, you don’t need high intensive skincare products. However, your dermatologist can recommend the most suitable product for you.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is another important factor that plays a role in the effectiveness of a skincare product. As everyone has their own skin color, their products would also be different from others. People with lighter skin tones are more susceptible to sun damage, so they require intense sunblock. Similarly, many skin whitening creams or treatments will not work effectively as they work on lighter tones or darker tones. Your dermatologist can prescribe you a suitable treatment for your skin color and type.


Not all of us are suffering from acne. Acne-prone skin is very sensitive. It explains why skincare products are not just right for every skin type. If you have an acne-prone skin that often suffers from breakouts, the skincare products that can help you will be different from your friend whose skin is not prone to acne. Acne-prone skin needs products that can combat pimples and blemishes without causing a scar. Your product must not clog the pores.


Your location is crucial in determining the effectiveness of your skincare products. Temperature and air conditions vary across the world. If you live in hot weather in Dubai and follow skincare tutorials from a very cold climate area, it is not going to work. Visit a dermatologist to stay updated regarding the suitable products in your neck of the woods.

Skin Conditions

You may be suffering from certain skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, or your skin can be very sensitive compared to others. You should take these factors into account before starting a certain skincare regimen. Talk to your dermatologist about your skin conditions so that he can prescribe a treatment that works to resolve your skin conditions without aggravating the problem.


Many of us experience an allergic reaction to specific ingredients used in skincare products that we are not aware of. If you experience any side effects after using a product like redness, itching, or anything, stop using it immediately. Your dermatologist will assess your skin and skincare routine to determine the problematic ingredient, so you don’t use that product in the future. That ingredient might be very effective for other people, but it might just not be your friend.

Thus, all these factors are responsible for making a certain skincare regimen effective or ineffective for you. It is highly recommended to follow the instructions of your dermatologists before starting any skincare routine. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to consult with some of the leading dermatologists. We offer a free consultation to all the patients who are interested in meeting our experts. You need to fill the form below, and that’s it!