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Different Options to Treat and Heal Melasma

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Melasma treatment in Dubai

Melasma is a common skin condition in which brown spots appear on your skin. It is because of presence of too much dark pigment. It can be triggered due to light exposure or hormonal changes. Hormones may stimulate the production of cells that make melanocytes (brown pigment). Sun light can also stimulate the growth of such cells that produce melanin or the brown pigment.

Too many women are suffering from Melasma, it can appear on any skin type. The brown patches appear on the forehead, upper lip, cheeks or jawline. It shows up due to several reasons like hormonal changes, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause etc.

How Melasma can be Treated?

Are those brown spots stealing away the beauty of your face? Don’t worry, because there are treatments available to treat melasma.


You need to protect your skin from sun exposure to treat melasma. The ultraviolet rays worsen the appearance of dark spots. Pick a strong sunscreen which is recommended by your dermatologist. Use more or double sunblock for the skin areas where you have the darkest blotches.


If you are suffering from severe melasma, try to cover your body by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants and hats.

Topical treatments

Bleaching creams and other skin care products can help to block the excess production of dark pigment in the skin. Your dermatologist will help you pick the right one for you. Make sure that the cream doesn’t cause sting or burn on the skin when applied, if you think it is making the condition worse, stop using and consult your doctor.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels might help you treat melasma by pushing out the undesirable dark pigment of your skin. They can help to eliminate all types of brown spots irrespective of the cause of presence.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which an instrument is used to remove the dead and damaged skin cells from the outer layer. The revealed skin is free of dark patches and has even tone. Your skin is moisturized through special hydrators. It removes dark patches and clean out the pores. This treatment is really effective to get rid of melasma patches. It does not damages the skin that is healthy.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are the best for treating melasma. Choose a laser expert so that he selects the most appropriate laser treatment for you that reduces melasma. The laser treatments have shown the best of results in treating the dark patches for almost all types and colours of skin.

In fractional CO2 laser treatment, the laser beam is broken into tiny pixel so that they can penetrate deeply in the skin without burning or damaging the healthy skin. This procedure is recognised as the most effective treatment for treating melasma.

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