Cellulite Removal Through Mesotherapy

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is quite a common condition in which the skin appears to be uneven and dimpled. Mostly cellulite appears on fatty areas like thighs and hips. Even though it is not a harmful condition, it is unsightly with respect to aesthetic appearance which is why a majority of people get it treated. Having cellulite on your body can lower your self-confidence causing mental stress. However, it is now possible to get this skin condition treated. Cosmetic surgery treatments have made cellulite removal possible and easier. One such treatment is known as Mesotherapy which is an effective and non-invasive treatment for the removal of cellulite.

Here, we will discuss the Mesotherapy treatment. in detail to understand its efficacy and role in reducing cellulite formation.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a quite popular technique that is used for the treatment of various conditions. It is very effective for cellulite removal too. In the Mesotherapy treatment, chemicals are injected into the treatment area with the help of micro injections. The chemicals are injected under the skin in the mesoderm layer. The most important benefit of this treatment is that it is totally non-invasive and does not cause severe side effects or pain. The chemicals that are used in the treatment are the mixture of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and micronutrients. However, the combination of chemicals used for the treatment varies from physician to physician. Mesotherapy treatment works by correcting the damaged circulation, making the skin smooth and reducing the fat.

How Many Sessions are Required?

If we consider the results of Mesotherapy treatment for cellulite removal, it requires several treatment sessions to give optimal results. The number of sessions vary from patient to patient, depending on the condition. The treatment requires no downtime or recovery time. You can get back to your routine work just after the treatment.

Mesotherapy treatment is quite effective for the removal of cellulite, but you need to know about some important factors that are associated with it before you get the treatment. It is also beneficial for fat removal but only in small quantities. Mesotherapy treatment can only give a contour to the body parts or makes them smoother rather than helping you lose weight.

Are there any Side-Effects?

If the treatment is performed correctly by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, it does not cause any complications and gives effective results. However, there are some temporary side effects associated with the treatment, including slight pain, burning sensation, and swelling. If mesotherapy treatment for cellulite removal is not performed properly, it may cause some serious side effects, which is a very rare case. These side effects include soft tissue infections, abdominal hematoma, and pigmentation changes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a certified cosmetic surgeon to ensure your safety and the provision of successful results.

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