How is Body Contouring Done Without Surgery?

Body Contouring Without Surgry

Non-surgical body contouring might not sound as effective as liposuction to you because of your experience with pills etc. But the reality is the exact opposite. Nano fat transfer is an advanced non-surgical method of body contouring in which fat grafts are extracted from a body area with excess fat. This extracted fat is then transferred to another body area that lacks volume or fullness. It is effectively being used to improve the shape and contours of the body.

Most of the patients prefer a fat transfer to the breasts or buttocks to get a fuller figure. For this purpose, fat is usually extracted from the abdominal area or thighs. Nano fat transfer can also be performed on the facial area to correct the irregularities and provide the needed volume.

Let’s discuss this treatment in detail.

Who is the Right Candidate?

Nano fat transfer is the best treatment for you if;

  • You have excess fat deposits that you want to remove
  • Your body parts need definition because of depressions and hollowness
  • You want toned buttocks
  • You want enlarged and fuller breasts
  • Your facial features needs to be corrected with the volume
  • You don’t want to undergo a surgical treatment
  • You are not affected by serious disease
  • You keep realistic expectations from the procedure

How is it Performed?

The procedure involves the use of thin cannulas that are used for harvesting the fat from body areas. The collected fat is then emulsified, and fat grafts are formed. These fat grafts will be injected to the body areas that require volume or fat. This treatment is bound to produce finest results because of tiny cannulas, small fat grafts and the expertise of your surgeon. These fat grafts help in skin rejuvenation because of the presence of excess mesenchymal cells.

How Long Would I Take to Recover?

The recovery process after Nano fat transfer can be different for every individual. But, you are likely to feel swelling and over-fullness in the treated areas. You will be advised to take rest for 3 to 4 days to make the healing process easier. You can make use of ice bags to reduce the discomfort.

The recovery period may differ for every other person, but there are few instructions commonly given to almost everyone.

What Makes it Preferential Over Other Treatment Options?

Nano fat transfer is preferred over other body contouring procedures because of the following reasons;

  • It provides immediate results
  • Results are natural-looking
  • No downtime is needed
  • Recovery process is easy and comfortable
  • No side effects are involved
  • No risk of complications

Free Consultation

If you have excess fat on some body parts and you want to transfer them to other parts which require more fat, Nano fat transfer is the best treatment for you. Book yourself an appointment with any of our surgeons by filling in the short form given below. You will get a free initial consultation to discuss all your concerns regarding the treatment. Without further a do book your appointment now and get a perfectly contoured body without any surgery.