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Pigmentation treatment in Dubai

Your skin may suffer from dark spots with age, excessive sun exposure, certain medications and other factors. Hormonal changes may also become a cause of discoloration in your skin. You may suffer from discoloration at certain areas. These dark patches are formed by the increased concentration of melanin. Melanin is the dark pigment in the skin formed by cells called melanocytes. Such dark spots can appear on any area of your body irrespective of the type and colour of skin. Your skin becomes rough, old and dehydrated. There are number of treatment options available to treat pigmentation. Consult your dermatologist so he can examine the condition and severity of the pigmentation to determine the best suited treatment for you.

Topical Treatments

Your dermatologist may recommend you a good topical cream or ointment containing hydroquinone or retinoid that can help to treat superficial pigmentation condition that is not very deep and has affected the outermost layer of skin.

Oral Medications

Some oral medications can also be prescribed by your doctor to remove the certain type of pigmentation only.

Laser therapy

The appearance of pigmentation are being effectively treated with the help of lasers. Laser treatment can be done through a number of lasers, fractional CO2 and alexandrite are most commonly used for treating pigmentation. Lasers also boost the collagen production and skin cells regeneration.

IPL treatment

Intense pulse light is an advanced form of light therapy. IPL treatment is effective for treating number of cosmetic conditions including pigmentation. Intense pulses of light destroy the melanin because of heat energy that is cause of pigmentation in your skin.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels in Abu Dhabi work on a non-invasive exfoliating technique to treat pigmentation. A chemical solution that is acidic in nature is applied to the skin that removes the upper layer of skin when peeled off. The strength of chemical peels depend upon the condition and severity of pigmentation. Chemical peeling does not require any downtime or a significant recovery period. It is considered the most suitable treatment option for pigmentation. It is a safe treatment but you may experience dryness or redness on the treated area after the treatment for a day or two.

Why You Should opt for Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling has numerous benefits that makes it a rational choice for you to treat pigmentation. Benefits of chemical peels include;
It is an effective non-surgical treatment that does not involve any invasiveness.

No Anaesthesia is Require

No pain or significant discomfort is associated with the procedure.

It Requires no Downtime

No serious or long term side effects are associated with this treatment

Results are Long Lasting but not Permanent

If you need to get a treatment done for pigmentation, Dubai Cosmetic surgery is your way to go. It offers a large number of skin treatments including chemical peels.

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