Best Peel Treatments for Oily Skin

peel treatments

It’s vital to take proper care of the skin as it is one of the most delicate organs in your body. In fact, it is the body’s outer layer that is the first defense to protect your body. To look after your skin, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet plan. In this way, you will look more beautiful than ever. Oily skin, however, suffers from a number of issues that include pimples, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and discoloration. If you have oily skin and you are worried about these issues, we have the best solution to your problem. Peel treatment is an effective option to treat oily skin and its issues.

Let’s discuss the best peel treatments for oily skin. Continue reading to know more!

Light Peels

Light peels are also recognized as lunchtime peels. They work only to penetrate the outermost layers of the skin. They include mild acids BHAs and AHAs such as mandelic acid peels. Mentioned below are some of the features of light peels;

  • Skin Issues – This treatment option deals with whiteheads, blackheads, dull skin, dry skin, fine lines, minimal sun damage, and mild acne.
  • Pain – These peels are pain-free. All you feel is the sensation of mild tingling.
  • Downtime – No downtime is required and you will be capable of returning to your routine immediately after the procedure.
  • Peeling Agents – Lactic acid, Jessner’s solution, fruit acids, and glycolic acids are used in low concentrations.
  • A number of Recommended Sessions – Almost 6 to 10 sessions are recommended to get reliable results.

Medium Peels

They are known as medium peels because this procedure targets the middle layer of the skin in order to get rid of damaged cells. Salicylic acid peel is an example of a medium strength peel.

  • Skin Issues – It deals with whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines, photo-aging, sun damage, moderate skin discoloration, age spots, precancerous skin growth (actinic keratosis), hyperpigmentation, and acne.
  • Pain – The discomfort will be more than light peel. However, once your skin adjusts to the acid, this discomfort will reduce.
  • Downtime – The recovery time period for this procedure is almost 1 to 2 weeks. During the initial 2 days of the procedure, your skin will appear red. Also, during this downtime period, you may observe peeling off and crust of the skin. You should use antibacterial solutions to heal quickly.
  • Peeling Agents – Almost 50 percent of the agents are used in it.
  • A number of Recommended Sessions – Almost 6 to 10 sessions are recommended to get desired results.

Deep Peels

This procedure works by going deep into the skin tissues to penetrate damaged skin tissues. However, only a professional should perform a deep peel procedure. After getting a deep peel, you will notice a dramatic change in your skin condition.

  • Skin Issues – It deals with moderate acne scarring, severe wrinkles, moderate level of fine lines, and hyper-pigmentation.
  • Pain – Severe sunburn occurs because of the agents used in it.
  • Downtime – Almost 2 to 4 weeks are required to recover properly. Also, you may feel irritation, swelling, and redness in the area. You have to soak the targeted area for about 4 to 6 times a day. The area will be bandaged. Your skincare specialist will also prescribe you an ointment that will assist in healing. You should take care of follow-up sessions.
  • Peeling Agents – Baker’s phenol and TCA
  • A number of Recommended Sessions – Multiple sessions are required to get desired outcomes.

Benefits of Peel Treatments

The following are the outstanding benefits of peel treatments. Have a look!

  • Assists in reducing the size of pores.
  • Recovers all kinds of acne scars.
  • Boosts collagen production.
  • Assists in improving discoloration of the skin.
  • Improves sagging, dull, and dry skin.
  • Improves crow’s feet and fine lines.
  • Improves the effects of photo-aging and damaged skin because of sun exposure.
  • Assists in eliminating inflamed acne.
  • Increases glow on skin and produce radiant and hydrated skin.
  • Assists in reducing blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.
  • Improves uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, and sunspots.

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