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Beautiful Skin Good Sleep

We all know that catching some shut eye is good for our health. Also, as the adage goes, sleep is good for your beauty and skin; hence the popular saying “having your beauty sleep”.

In a recent study commissioned by Estee Lauder, researchers found out that the quality of your sleep directly impacts the quality and health of your skin. According to this study, which was the first of its kind, inadequate sleep is correlated with reduced health and speeds up the aging of the skin.

This is because after a sleep deprived woman faces sun exposure, the skin decreases the ability to heal, hence leading to premature aging. The conclusion of the study was that the ability of the skin to repair itself was weakened by poor sleep quality which also accelerated the signs of skin aging.

So what happens to your skin when you do not get enough beauty sleep?

Dark circles: Ever wondered the cause of your dark circles which appear under the eyes? Well, lack of sleep is one of them. This is because when you do not get enough sleep, your skin becomes dull and light leading to the tired look you have on your face due to the dark circles. So to avoid this look, get your eight hours of sleep.

Premature aging: Lack of sleep leads to premature aging of the skin. This is caused by over production of the stress hormone cortisol, which is released when you do not get enough sleep. This in return, if produced in large quantities, causes the breakdown of collagen, which keeps the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Lack of skin repair: When we are sleeping, the body releases the growth hormone which encourages the skin to repair itself. So when we do not get the required amount of sleep, there will be no tissue repair of the wear and tear of the day, hence a more tired-looking skin.

Skin inflammations: The same stress hormones we mentioned above that are produced due to lack sleep; they also lead to skin inflammations like acne, skin sensitivity and makes contact dermatitis worse among others.

Dullness of the skin: By not getting your beauty sleep, your skin loses its natural beauty. This is due to the increase in the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are the skin components which give your skin a healthy glow and elasticity.

Worsening of skin conditions: The increased inflammation of the skin caused by lack of sleep can easily lead to flare up of skin conditions like psoriasis and atopic eczema. This is as a result of the body’s immune system inability to regulate itself the way it should.

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