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Are Skin Whitening Medications Safe and Effective?

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Skin Whitening Medications

Nearly everyone wishes to have lighter complexion as fair skin is associated with beauty. This is the reason that skin whitening pills and topical medications have gained massive popularity over the last few years as they are the least expensive and easy to use. Skin whitening injections such as glutathione are also gaining significant popularity and have become the most demanded skin whitening treatments on the market. But the question is are they really safe and effective or are just a waste of money?

Information given below will help you know about the safety and effectiveness of skin whitening medications and their better alternative.

Topical medications

Topical medications comprise the most common skin whitening treatment because they are the cheapest and easiest to use. Some of the topical medications are no doubt really effective but most of the creams do not provide what they claim. Most of the dermatologists, however, use them in combination with cosmetic procedures to enhance the efficacy of the treatment. Disadvantages of skin whitening topical medications include:

  • They are not as effective as other treatment options are.
  • They take time to give optimal results.
  • Mostly, skin complexion reverses on discontinuation of medication.
  • Their results are not guaranteed.

Oral medications

Oral medications are also becoming quite popular for reducing pigmentation and improving the skin tone. Various ingredients associated with reducing pigmentation are used in skin whitening pills. Despite of their popularity and demand, there is very little proof that taking these pills really whitens the skin. In most of the cases, individuals get less than expected results. But what makes oral medications for skin whitening the least preferred choice is a long list of side effects that come with them. Listed below are some reported side effects of these medicines:

  • They may cause allergic reactions.
  • Certain skin whitening pills have cancer causing ingredients.
  • They may also cause disruption of normal skin functions like interference with normal melanin production and hormonal imbalance.
  • The results of skin whitening pills are not proven.
  • They may be expensive than other skin whitening methods.
  • They take extended period of time to show results.
  • The outcomes diminish over time.

Skin whitening injections

Skin whitening injections, especially glutathione injections, are another treatment that is becoming very popular. They are very effective for improving skin complexion but at the same time, they have a number of side effects as well. Adverse reactions, from severe skin rashes to serious skin conditions have also been reported. Some disadvantages of skin whitening injections include:

  • They may cause derangements in thyroid function.
  • Severe abdominal pain has also been reported.
  • They may also become the reason of kidney dysfunction resulting in kidney failure.
  • Serious infections that may become fatal.

Bottom Line:

Skin lightening medications may offer the promise of lighter skin complexion but the combination of ingredients used in the formulas may not be safe. So, if you want a safe alternative to these methods, cosmetic procedures may be the right option for you. Many cosmetic procedures are available for improving skin complexion, which are not only safe but also provide with successful results. These include laser treatments such as Alexandrite and fractional CO2 laser, microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

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