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Radio Frequency in Skincare Treatments

What is radio frequency?

Radio frequency is an aesthetic technique which uses thermal energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Radio frequency manipulates skin cooling during treatment thereby heating and reducing fat cells in the treated area. RF is a non-invasive procedure which treats skin tightening of lax skin such as sagging jowls, thighs, abdomen and arms as well as reducing wrinkles, improving cellulite and body contouring.

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Skin conditions that are treated by radio frequency

  • Stretch marks. Thousands of people are affected by stretch marks from teenagers to adults. They could develop due to various reasons such as pregnancy in women, sudden weight gain, going to the gym and so on. Radio frequency treats them by targeting the problem area then stimulating collagen and elastin production so as to improve their appearance.
  • Cellulite are a nightmare to most women and are greatly disliked. Many individuals battle the dreaded ‘orange peel’ as it is known on a daily basis. Radio frequency effectively breaks down the cellulite causing cells leaving you with a much desirable skin.
  • Skin Laxity. Skin laxity is quite a common problem for a lot of people sue to genetics, aging or weight loss. Radio frequency tightens the elastin fibres instantly leaving you with lifted and tighter skin from the very first treatment.
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines. Wrinkles and fine lines are signs of aging but not everyone likes them and getting rid of them brings peace of mind. This is because most people dread getting old and showing signs of aging is a big problem for them. Radio frequency treatment bursts those fine lines and smooth the wrinkles on the skin leaving you with younger looking skin.
  • Acne scarring. Acne scarring is something that most young adults have to contend with if they had really bad acne. Radio frequency effectively treats acne scarring leaving you with clear, healthy, smooth and glowing skin after a few weeks of treatment.
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Benefits of Radio Frequency in skincare treatments

  • Skin tightening. Radio frequency tightens the skin by sculpting soft tissues which are located deep within the skin layers. Collagen tissues are stimulated by responding to the radio frequency waves.
  • Cellulite reduction. Radio frequency treatment produces heat which gets rid of excess fatty tissues which are commonly found in the buttocks and back of the thighs.
  • Smooths liposuction procedures effects. It is a guarantee that after undergoing a liposuction procedure will leave you with well-toned and smooth skin. RF treatments takes care of such issues like noticeable bumps which are a result of body fats being removed surgically.
  • Decreases body fat percentage. Radio frequency treatments decrease percentage of body fats with the same results as provided through surgical means. RF generates heat which melt the body fat which are then drained into the body for effective removal.
  • Body contouring. Radio Frequency treatments are used to shape contours of the body which is done through the concentration of the structures which are found below the skins surface.
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