5 Ways to Deal with an Oily Face

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Deal with an Oily Face

Those who have oily skin are the lucky ones because they won’t get older quickly as their skin does not get wrinkles as early as other’s skin do. But what about the problems that oily skin causes for you now. Besides affecting the appearance of your skin, excess oil production also leads to various skin problems like acne breakouts. It is true that you can’t completely stop your skin from producing excess oil but you can manage with this condition by using various tactics. Though there are lots of tricks and techniques that can help you in coping up with oily skin but here we will discuss about 5 important ways to deal with the condition.

  1. Washing your face right can help you a lot if you have oily skin. Even if you do not tend to have acne breakouts on your face, you should switch to a cleanser that is helpful in coping up with zits because it will make your skin look matt. Try to go for the one having small quantity of salicylic acid in it that battles excess oil without over drying your skin.
  2. Though most of the people are unaware of it but it is the fact that applying right quantity of sunblock on your skin surprisingly controls its oil and shine. So skip your morning moisturizer and make use of mineral based sunblock.
  3. Makeup is an important part of women’s life and most of the women apply makeup on daily basis though slight quantity of it. Applying liquid foundation and base clog the pores, makes your skin oily and leads to acne break outs. So, switch to the use of mineral powder foundation.
  4. Most of the people love to eat junk food and spicy food but it won’t do any favor to your skin rather make it unhealthy. So, instead add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet especially carrots and spinach; these are high in vitamin that minimizes oil production and keeps your skin fresh.
  5. Most of the females do not give much importance to exfoliation and applying mask on the skin but it really matters. Doing exfoliation and applying mask on regular basis helps fighting excess oil production.
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