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Adequate production of oil is necessary for facial skin to keep it hydrated and healthy but its excess production not only makes it look shiny but also leads to skin problems like acne break outs. Though it’s impossible to completely get rid of excess oil, there are some tips, tricks and tools through which you can deal with oily skin correctly. Here we will discuss about three most important ones.

  1. The most important thing is to keep the balance. Most of the people who have oily skin avoid each and everything that can make their skin oily in order to get rid of oil completely but in fact it is a big mistake. It’s just a misunderstanding because over drying your skin can make the problem even worse in spite of providing benefit. This is because if you don’t keep your skin moisturized, it will start producing excess oil. So, don’t cut off the oily and moisturizing products completely rather use the products that have less amounts of oil. Make use of face wash, cleanser and moisturizer having smaller quantity of oil.
  2. Women who apply makeup in daily routine should bring some changes in their makeup products to cope up with oily and shiny skin. Shimmery and shiny makeup products not only make your skin oily but such makeup products also clog the pores leading to excess production of oil and acne break outs. So, mattify your makeup and start using mineral based products that won’t clog the pores. Furthermore, try to use powder and avoid liquid foundations.
  3. Excess oil production in the facial skin is based on multiple factors and you can’t eliminate oiliness of the skin completely but you can make it produce less oil and manage with the condition. For this purpose try using blotting paper or single ply tissue instead of powder puff to absorb excess oil and make the skin look normal. Don’t rub it on the face rather press it gently on the skin to absorb excess oil.

In short, you can’t eradicate the excess production of oil, as said by highly experienced dermatologists, completely but you can play some tricks with your skin to make it look less oily and shiny.

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