What is a 10 Minutes’ Nose Job?

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Do you feel your nose needs a makeover but fear of cuts and incisions stops you from undergoing a nose job? The shape and size of your nose are greatly impactful on your facial appearance. Some people are upset about the nose bridge and some of its plain structure, in short, very few are ecstatic about the way their nose looks. Rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure is common worldwide particularly in celebrity figures. However, if you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure, a non-surgical nose job is an option for you.

A non-surgical nose job can improve the shape of nose according to your requirements with the help of dermal fillers in 10 minutes only. Results of a nose job with dermal fillers are as impressive as a surgical rhinoplasty. It will correct the irregularities in your nose and add lost volume to the sites that are affected due to age and other factors.

Who Can Opt for Non-surgical Nose Job?

You can opt for nose reshaping treatment with dermal fillers if;

  • Your nose bridge lacks definition
  • The tip of your nose is plain
  • You have crooked appearance of the nose
  • Your nose has depressions or minor deformities

How is it Performed?

It is safe and non-invasive treatment, but the expertise of the physician is very important in bringing desired results. Usually, a calcium filler known as radiesse is used in this procedure by most of the dermatologists. Your doctor will inject the filler in small amounts in the nose, so it becomes soft so, it’s easy to give it desired shape. Your doctor will massage the treatment area so that the filler fills in the depressions and corrects the irregularities in the nose. You will be aware of the changes happening to your nose so the results would be according to your desires. The process does not require an anesthesia, but a numbing cream is applied to eliminate the discomfort of injections.


Results will be visible right after the procedure is completed. Although, you may experience slight swelling or fullness, but it will be gone in few hours. The results are temporary. The duration of the effects depends on the type of filler your dermatologist has chosen because the filler is absorbed by the body over the period of time. To maintain the results, you will need a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

  • It is a minimally invasive and painless procedure
  • It gives immediate results
  • It costs less than a surgical rhinoplasty
  • No downtime or recovery process is required
  • You can continue your regular activity right after the treatment

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