Strawberries are for more than just Valentine’s Day

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Strawberries have been known for their juicy and sweet flavors. Combined with other delicacies, they make up the signature mark of Valentine’s Day, which is why they are described as a romantic delicacy. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we care for more than just your physical appearance. That’s why we always encourage you to keep your body healthy.

Strawberries are for more than just a Valentine’s Day dessert or snack. If consumed regularly, you can benefit a lot from what their nutrients have in store. Not only can they keep you and yours healthy, they can also play other important parts within your immune system.

Most of us love these little flirtatious berries, typically because of their distinctive aroma, and sweet taste and juicy flesh. Everywhere you turn, you are likely to see something with strawberries in it; if not real strawberries, then that sweet scent that comes with it.

This power fruit that is in season all year round – depending on where it is grown – can be tricky when it comes to storage. In short, experts advise that it be eaten when it is as fresh as possible because with each passing day of storage, means loss of nutrients.

Seeing as living in the UAE does not frequently afford us the option of having freshly picked strawberries from our own gardens, picking up a box from your local supermarket is option number two. How would you know the best ones?

To reap maximum benefits, choose the ones that are medium sized, firm, deep red and are still attached to their green petals. One thing to remember though is that these red gems do not ripen further after they have been picked. If you are not ready to eat your store-bought strawberries within two days, and you want to store them and at the same time preserve their freshness and nutrients, we recommend freezing the berries on a flat surface in a sealable bag.

Health benefits of Strawberries

A recent study from scientists suggests that eating a heaped bowl of strawberries every day can keep certain age-related and cardiovascular diseases at bay. The research reveals that a naturally occurring flavonoid is found most abundantly in this fruit and packs a mighty punch at fending off diseases including:

Mental decline: Research findings suggest that strawberries preserve brain functions by reducing cell-damaging that accompanies age-related diseases. According to the research, older adults who consume strawberries frequently have less cognitive decline.

 Stomach ulcers: Studies also found that the antioxidant properties of strawberries can protect your stomach from ulcers. Not only do the strawberries’ antioxidant capacity help strengthen the stomach lining, but they also activate the body’s own defenses. Eating strawberries can also help alleviate damage either before or after inflammation.

Chronic diseases: Previous studies also show that strawberries can enhance the strength of red blood cells’ reaction to oxidative stress, which is often a forerunner to cancer and other diseases. The flavonoids may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Heart attack: According to another study, one luscious way women can lessen their risk of some cardiovascular diseases is to eat this sweet treat. Young women who ate more servings of these fruits reduced their risk of these diseases.

You see, if you ate strawberries more often than when there’s a special occasion, you will be doing your body a big favour. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we do more than just make your outside appearance perfect, we also help with the inside. After all, your outside should reflect your inside.

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