Observing ‘Movember’ with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Movember Month

What is Movember?

Movember – a movement committed to changing the face of men’s health – is characterized by the growth of moustaches. Men across the world shave their moustaches on the first day of November then let it grow throughout the month of November to the last day, hence Movember.

For one to be a ‘Mo Bro’ (Movember Brother), you have to stay hairy throughout the 30 days of November, without cutting off your moustache. Up to date, movement has raised more than 500 million USD since its inception in 2004. Since Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic helps in hair restoration that includes beards and moustaches as well, you can easily count us in on this worthy movement.

In this post, we will be giving you tips on how you can take care of your hairy self, without compromising on anything and keep the faith until 30th November.

Tips to Grow Movember Moustache

Here are some useful tips on how to grow and maintain your Movember moustache.

Clean your moustache daily:  For your moustache to look presentable and impressive, letting it grow is just half the job. It is important to wash, condition and oil it on a daily basis to give it a nice and healthy shine that will have everyone talking about it. Groom your moustaches the same way you groom the hair on your scalp. Don’t forget, a moisturized moustache is a happy moustache.

Style your ‘Stache’: When you are growing your moustache, styling it is also important. If you let it fall around your lips haphazardly, it will look unclean and unkempt. It is better to go to your barber and let him style it for you. There are many moustache styles to choose from, so explore your creativity to the best of your abilities.

Trimming: If your moustache is one of those ‘staches’ that seem to grow over night, then it is worth a trim every now and then to keep it neat and tidy. For this purpose, you can always trim it a little bit on the corners of the lips to avoid eating up your own hair.

Observe proportion: One way to play around with your moustache is by styling according to the size of your lips. If you have thin lips, keep a small moustache and if your lips are ample, keep a larger ‘stache’.

Have some patience: Since everyone’s moustache cannot grow overnight, do not have any high expectations. However, if you do not have facial hair or you are facing facial hair loss, you can have a hair transplant at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Hair transplant gives natural and permanent results which means by next year’s Movember, you will have a full mustache.

Have fun: Now that you are growing your mustache for a worthy cause, it is important that you have fun while at it and also help your friends do it in style. For instance, you can style your staches by coloring them. Enjoy every day of Movember guys, and keep up the spirit of this worthy cause.

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