Introducing New Erbium Laser for Increasing Aesthetics Demands in the Emirates

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Aesthetics Demands in the Emirates

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic is pleased to introduce the latest state of the art Erbium Laser by Asclepion, which is a gold standard when it comes to dermatology. This will make high tech laser treatments more efficient to an increasing number of people here in the UAE.

According to Anisa Vrabac, Operations Director as well as a Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Expert, the move comes as part of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s bid to stay as a leader in aesthetic medicine by exclusively introducing unique and revolutionary techniques to its vast treatments portfolio.

“As the fight to delay aging as well as premature aging continues, the sophistication in the technologies used continues. No one is immune to aging, although some people are genetically predisposed to show the ravages of time later compared to others,” says Anisa.

In addition to natural aging, there are environmental factors including frequent sun exposure, which is very dominant here in the Middle East, and can lead to premature aging, which is signaled by the appearance of wrinkles on the face. “Most of us when faced with the appearance of wrinkles turn to expensive creams, but what these creams do is to only reduce the appearance of the lines without changing the skin’s condition,” explains Anisa adding that the new Erbium Laser system works with the skin to rejuvenate it.

This new Erbium Laser, says Anisa, will now allow us to treat many skin conditions including wrinkles, Lentigo, scars and acne scars, Syringoma, melasma, rosacea, Café au-lait spots, Epidermal Nevi, and many others. “It is also used for peeling, face tightening, intimate rejuvenation, and skin resurfacing.”

Lola Ali Muhammad, Medical Aesthetician at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, notes that there are procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing, which if done by the right expert and with the right equipment, can considerably improve the condition of the skin. “Unfortunately, many of these equipments come with a lot of aggressiveness with high chances of side effects,” says Lola, adding that with the new Erbium Laser by Asclepion, the treatments are effective, and gentle with very minimal downtime.

How does Erbium Laser by Asclepion work?

Erbium Laser works by emitting pulses which penetrate the upper skin layer of the target area through very small points. When the laser beam splits, it triggers skin renewal and collagen formation. The untreated skin helps in the healing of the treated areas, which gives it minimal down time, compared with many other laser systems.

Lola adds that the treatment is not painful while being administered. “Laser is normally very well tolerated, with the application of numbing cream before the procedure commences.”

Also, she notes, depending on the skin condition to be targeted, one should have several sessions. “3 or 4 sessions are enough, but there are cases where results can be noticed after the first session.”

Considering we are talking about laser, one would wonder if it is safe. “There is a high degree of reliability and effectiveness when it comes to the Erbium laser, but only if administered by a qualified specialist, on the right patients,” says Lola, adding that there have been thousands of these Lasers sold around the world.

Lola advises that after any treatment with laser, it is very important to avoid direct sun for a few days. “One should use a wide spectrum sun screen, in addition to other medication we prescribe you.”

Side effects include a small degree of redness and minimal scabbing, which normally disappears after three to five days.

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