Which is the better choice; Laser Hair Removal or IPL?

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Many doctors have made claims either of the following claims;

  • Diode laser hair removal is better than IPL
  • IPL is better than diode laser hair removal

However, I have yet to see an explanation of either of these stories. Most of the time, clinics are making such claims based on their marketing strategies. I am here to indicate the differences between the two, allowing you to make a choice based on truth and what suits you best.

Diode Laser Hair Removal vs IPL

In this article, you will find;

  • Differences between the two treatments
  • The Results of both techniques
  • Deciding which Device to Use
  • Final Concluding Remarks

What are the Differences between the Two Treatments?

I won’t get extremely technical with you here. Lasers are basically a concentrated beam of light which is used to target the hair follicles at a specific wavelength.  As an example, let’s consider diode laser. It has a wavelength of 800 and 810nm.  The other kinds of lasers such as alexandrite, ruby and Nd: YAG, each vary in their wavelengths. When it comes to IPL, it doesn’t have a specific wavelength. It emits non-coherent light. The range of that light is 550nm and 1200nm. The IPL device used for hair removal will emit a broad spectrum of light in the form of a pulse. In general, both technologies have been proved to work really well for hair removal but our goal here is to find the one which works best for us.

The Results of Both Treatments

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of both treatments. Most studies conclude that both hair removal techniques are equally effective. People are able to get rid of unwanted hair and are able to maintain the results for a year or more. However, there is a twist;

  • IPL is way more painful than laser
  • IPL produced more side effects when compared to laser

Now with both techniques producing similar results, Laser hair removal certainly beats IPL owing to its minimal discomfort and negligible side effects.

Deciding which Device to Use

Let me say initially, that deciding whether you should go for laser hair removal or IPL shouldn’t be your choice. Your dermatologist must decide it for you. However, it is important to be knowledgeable on the subject. Here are a few things to consider; Dark Skin types: If you have darker skin tone, then the laser is definitely a better choice. And not any laser; Alexandrite or Nd: YAG laser are the way to go.  IPL machines, on the other hand, are only safe for lighter skin tones. Home hair removal: If you are planning to do hair removal at home, then run away from lasers. Lasers can burn your skin if not used correctly. You can definitely by an IPL kit and try it for yourself.

Final Concluding Remarks

As a final remark – You will be fine with both laser and IPL if you have light colored skin and darker colored hair. However, people with darker skin should probably stick to lasers.

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