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What is the Best Acne Scars Treatment?

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What is the Best Acne Scars Treatment?

Acne is a common problem and nearly every one suffers from it at some stage of their life. Usually acne goes away without leaving any scars or marks but at times, it can damage skin and leave unsightly marks and indentations.

In case of scarring, there are a number of treatments available including home remedies which utilize natural products and cosmetic treatments. Home remedies are effective for reducing mild acne scars but do not work in extreme cases. On the other hand, cosmetic treatments are highly effective for extreme cases like deep scars.

Let’s learn more about acne scar treatment.

Acne Scar Treatments

Mentioned below are some possible treatments for acne scars that can tackle the problem effectively.


Dermabrasion is one of the cosmetic procedures for deep acne scars. In this procedure, the outer layer of skin is exfoliated with the help of a wire brush. The injured skin starts healing itself and produces greater amounts of collagen and elastin in the process.

As a result of this procedure, mild to moderate scars are removed almost entirely and appearance of severe scars is greatly reduced. It is an intensive procedure compared to other treatments and requires some time for healing. Like most treatments, multiple sessions of Dermabrasion are required to achieve the desired outcome.


Microdermabrasion works with the same principle as Dermabrasion but is less invasive. It uses tiny crystals that are sprayed on the skin with the help of a handheld device. This causes light injuries to the skin and the healing process starts right away.

The recovery period after the treatment is shorter in comparison with dermabrasion. With greater amount of collagen and elastin produced, the skin starts to heal itself and the scars become lighter after each treatment session. Like all similar treatments, several sessions are needed to fully treat the scars.

Laser resurfacing:

Laser skin resurfacing is also an effective treatment for acne scars in which ablative laser is used in a targeted fashion. The laser beam is used to destroy the upper damaged layer of skin, allowing a new, healthier layer to replace it. Laser skin resurfacing, in most cases, can fully remove the scars.

Dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers are injectables that are used to remove wrinkles and scars from the skin. They are very effective for mild to moderate acne scars. The fillers use collagen and fat to improve the skin and lessen the appearance of the scars.

As a result of injecting these fillers, the scars become less noticeable. Dermal fillers effectively reduce the appearance of scars but are temporary in nature and need to be repeated after the effects wear off.

The Bottom Line

All of these treatments are fairly effective and can help you get rid of acne scars. However, it is important to find the treatment that works for you. A doctor is the best judge of which treatment should be used, based on the extent of the scars. If you too suffer from acne scars and want to seek advice, fill in the form to set up an appointment with our experts. They will examine your condition and will suggest the best-suited treatment for you. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® you will find a variety of acne scar treatments with high standards of patient safety. So, book an appointment now.

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