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Weight Loss Progress Not Perfection

Obesity is a rising concern in the modern world. One common problem with people fighting obesity to regain their healthy appearance, lifestyle and social status is seeing perfection as the only option. Thinking of being perfect or nothing at all is a very common obstacle these people face every day as they strive to maintain a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Such people usually start off really motivated and ultra committed but of course it doesn’t stay that way all the time and when they slip a little, crave a little more, give in and go off the predetermined track up, panic kicks in. You feel, that in some way you have lost the battle and wish to take drastic measures in order to reverse the effects of your ‘imperfections’.

Ultimately, you succumb to the overwhelming stress of regret, constant research for these “surefire” ways to lose weight, even going for unorthodox methods such as diet pills and cosmetic surgery (remember surgery is not a treatment for obesity and healthy patients can only be candidates to those procedures). It is then you realize you can’t be perfect and spiral out of focus thinking you have lost everything.

News flash; No one is perfect! It’s as simple as that. Perfection is not attainable, but striving with progress can bring you excellence and that is the best thing you can bargain for in this mortal life. The problem is mainly psychological with our attitude determining if we have failed or not. People tend to forget about their achievements in light of a momentary setback and lose the perspective the started out with. Always keep your eyes on the eventual goal; the ambition by which you strive to achieve that dream should always be greater than your obsession over the – unavoidable – setbacks that happen along the way.

Here are a few definitions to bolster your attitude and help refocus your perspective.

Progress not perfection means that if you are focusing with attention while putting in hard effort for a maximum 80% of your time, then you are doing awesome. Let the remaining 20% be the margin of error where you can be human (to err is human) and shrug off the bad news. You still have another day another shot, and it goes on.

Perfection tends to end up in failure because people become so terrified at becoming anything less than perfect that it prevents them from taking the first step, or get back up when they are done or even perform since they feel they aren’t good enough.

Progress is termed as the continuous lifelong process of living, you add to what you have, learn more and always gain something even if you lose every day of your life. This practice goes on daily, some days end up really good, others not that good. But it is okay, you ARE making progress.

Below are 5 tips to help you maintain that positive attitude throughout your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Replace your goal with progress rather than perfection; You can practice that in every aspect of your life, say it under your breath even write it down in your journal, let it become your way of expression; your outlook on life.
  2. State with firm belief that “I did my best” rather than “I am not perfect”; Your daily routine changes, you have a job, responsibilities, kids, duties and all that stuff that adults have to endure everyday of your lives. So what if you couldn’t make it to the gym on that hectic day, don’t take it too hardly, you haven’t done a mistake, everyone has priorities. Don’t burn yourself out, sleep on it and regroup the next day with a will to do better.
  3. Replace “but” with “and”; here is an example; you are describing your incredible weight loss journey to someone else and you say “I have lost 25 pounds but I have a lot more to go”. Try instead of saying “I have lost 25 pounds and I feel great, soon I will lose the rest of my weight and achieve my dream of a healthy lifestyle”.
  4. Celebrate your progress;Don’t limit the value of your achievements no matter how small they are, admire yourself for your healthy breakfast; don’t wait until you have lost all 60 pounds to give yourself a high five, instead honor and enjoy every step of that long journey.
  5. Remove perfection out of your lifestyle; make it a habit to turn away from perfection wherever it shows up in your lifestyle. It is okay to loosen up, wear what you want, don’t blame your carelessness on your weight; instead tell yourself it’s what you want. Smile and lighten up, the quest is for progress not perfection, and accept as well as respect your effort, there is always space to be better.
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