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Understanding and Treating Melasma

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Summer is fast approaching and this makes us more susceptible to most conditions caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Although dermatologists suggest we use sunscreen throughout the year, some of us wait until we feel our skin burning before reaching for it. One of the conditions you  should watch out for during the sunny season is Melasma.

This is a skin condition that leaves some form of hyper pigmentation on the skin which is characterised by brown patches. These patches affect mostly the face, but they can also appear elsewhere on the body.

There are several causes of Melasma, including sun exposure which is so far the most common cause of the skin condition. This is followed by hormone therapy like the use of oral contraceptives, intra-uterine devices and implants. Pregnancy is another cause of Melasma, but with this, the brown patches always disappear a couple of months after delivery, hence making it a less serious cause. Other culprits that cause Melasma include medications, cosmetics and toiletries as well as low levels of the thyroid hormone.

Treatment options for Melasma:

Although Melasma does not cause any physical discomfort, it has a psychological effect on the person who has it. This can stem from either loss of self-confidence to being very self-conscious about their looks. Most people who do not yet know the skin condition can be treated often times use heavy make-up to obscure the patchy areas. Although this can work, seeking treatment is the best way to get rid of Melasma.

Melasma might seem harmless physically, but it is always advisable to seek help from a certified medical expert on skin treatments than deciding to treat the condition yourself. This is because it can make it worse or lead to other severe skin ailments. Melasma treatments include:

Laser therapy:

The skin treatments department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic has one of the highest booking for laser treatments. Fortunately, Melasma falls into one of the categories of skin ailments that can be treated with laser. During treatment, the laser beams penetrate the skin and treat both the top and underlying layers without hurting the surrounding areas. It takes a number of sessions for your skin to be clear but all this depends on how severe the condition is.

This is a special skin treatment that uses special crystals to remove the damaged top layers of your skin cells. Also available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, when it comes to treating Melasma, Microdermabrasion uses ‘abrasion’ and suction to peel and suck out the upper layer of the skin that has been damaged by Melasma. After a few sessions, your skin tone will improve in addition to having a smooth and healthy skin.

Chemical peels:
When using this method to treat Melasma, a special chemical is applied on the affected area whereby it exfoliates the damaged skin and eradicates it. This leads to the regeneration of new skin cells that are free of Melasma. This treatment is also available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser therapy:
During this procedure, a pulsating beam of infrared light is used to stimulate collagen production. Although gentle and non-invasive, the infrared light is absorbed into the skin where it treats pigmentation problems including Melasma. The treatment improves skin texture and colour leaving a radiant and glowing skin. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser therapy is also available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

In addition to treating Melasma, you can also take a number of steps to avoid it. This includes using a wide spectrum sunscreen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat when you are going outdoors to the sun, avoiding medications and birth control pills that affect your skin and opting for ones that do not and considering covering yourself up when you are out in the sun to avoid the Melasma attacking other parts of your body.

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