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Double chin, sagging jowls and loss of skin tone is a direct result of ageing and sometimes catches on prematurely in countries such as the UAE where the continuous sun exposure and air conditioning are the culprits. People used to have the option of getting a facelift in order to turn back the years and look youthful again. But for many, the possibility of surgery is too much to handle. Recently non-invasive alternatives to treat such issues have taken a surge in the UAE industry due to a rising awareness of medical conditions. Ultrasound treatment for double chin in Dubai is one such catchy alternative that most people aren’t aware of and yields remarkable results for those willing to go into surgery.

Correcting double chins and signs of ageing involves fat removal, tightening of skin improving muscle tone while diminishing the pigmentations, scars and wrinkles around the corners of facial features. Ultrasonic liposuction is an innovation toward gentle non-invasive techniques of fat removal from specific deposits around the body. It is effective in removing fat from such hard to reach areas such as the face, chin, neck, inner limbs and torso. It’s also a highly effective remedy to cellulite and successfully tones and tightens tissues in the skin. This method is most effective when it is carried out with a healthy lifestyle including dieting and exercising.

How does it work?

In Terms of Fat Removal

The ultrasound pulse is directed to harmonically vibrate (regular contractions and expansions) the cell wall of adipose at tissue causing the cell to disintegrate by bursting the cell wall. Triglycerides within the fat cell release the stored interstitial fluid that become soluble glycerol and are conducting through the circulatory system in the form of fatty acids eventually to the liver where it is rerouted for body use. It is important to follow and know what lifestyle steps and precautions are necessary in the process so as to ensure that the fatty acids are used up or eliminated instead of being stored elsewhere.

In Terms of Skin Tightening

Ultherapy is a treatment that also makes use of ultrasound technology to tighten skin and diminish the effects of ageing. It’s not a replacement of face lift surgery since the results from traditional surgery are still unmatched but this non-invasive technique if properly conducted and maintained can create remarkable long-standing results. It is most effective against mild to moderate lack of elasticity in facial and neck skin. It works by reconditioning and renewing collagen fibers in the dermal layer below the skin surface. This is due to the collagen stimulating properties of various ultrasonic wavelengths that rejuvenate tired collagen and induce newer collagen to be produced by the body. Initial results are noticeable but the true extent of final results are visible a couple of months after treatment and it may take numerous sessions to achieve desired outcomes.

Being totally safe to use on the human body is just an added advantage this non-invasive technique has. Ultrasound treatment for fat loss is however not advised for individuals who are pregnant, lactating; suffer from liver dysfunction, epilepsy, acute disease or cancer.

Facts about Ultrasound Treatment

  • Safe and highly effective non-invasive alternative to liposuction.
  • Revolutionary new method that has immense future potential.
  • Yields increasingly good results when pre and post-treatment etiquette is diligently followed.
  • Depending on severity of problems, area of treatment and thickness of subcutaneous fat layer between five to ten 30-minute sessions may be deemed necessary.
  • Results are dependent on numerous fluctuating variables such as lifestyle, metabolism, age, biological setup, hormonal conditions and prescribed medications.
  • Abstinence from alcohol after surgery is necessary since it replaces fatty acids as a priority in liver functions which may cause the fatty acids to be stored again.
  • Ultherapy is the only FDA-accepted formula for tightening and lifting facial skin and other delicate areas.
  • Ultrasound imaging allows the surgeon to visually follow the area of treatment and regulate pulses properly.


Correct applications and practice of protocols before and after treatment increases chances of successful results in ultrasound liposuction.


  • Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water prior to treatment,
  • Abstain from Alcohol and coffee on the day of treatment,
  • No heavy working out or weight exercises to be performed for 2 days before treatment.


  • Drink clean water of at least 2 liters on the day after treatment. Juice, soda, cold drinks and soft drinks are NOT under this category.
  • No alcohol or coffee to be ingested for 4 days after treatment.
  • Perform skin brushing everyday on the treated area to encourage lymphatic fluid movement while making use of prescriptions from your surgeon.
  • Limit carbs and foods with high glucose content from your diet for 48 hours after treatment.
  • Minimize your ingestion of salts.
  • No strenuous physical activity or weight lifting for at least 3 hours after treatment since that induces lactic acid build-up within the muscles and is diffused afterwards through the blood since the body flushes it right away instead of the fatty acids causing the fat to be restored.
  • Minor brisk exercise to induce metabolism for 20 minutes only on the after treatment.

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