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Treating Acne Scars and Skin Damage

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Acne Scars treatment in Dubai

The effects of acne are more upsetting than an acne breaking out, the scar and skin damage it causes affects you emotionally and physically both. Sun exposure, lack of vitamin E and picking of pimples make the acne worse.

There are heaps of treatments available for treating acne scars and skin damage. People with acne prone skin must be very careful about using any product on their skin. It’s quite sensitive and reacts to various products. We recommend you to do your proper research and consult a dermatologist for treating skin damage and scars caused by acne.  Before undergoing any treatment, it is important that you fully understand the procedure and how it will affect your skin.

Topical treatments:

For minor scars, your dermatologist may prescribe you certain topical gels, creams or ointments to remove the appearance of scar that can promote the healing process of your damaged skin.

Chemical peels:

Chemical peels are commonly being used for rejuvenating skin purposes. A solution of different chemicals is used that is acidic in nature for exfoliation of skin. It will be applied on your face which will clear the skin and alleviate the scars. However, you may need multiple chemical peels to get rid of stubborn scars.


Microdermabrasion is relatively an advanced technique of Dermabrasion. It involves the removal of dead and damaged layer of skin by causing the damage in a very controlled manner that healthy skin doesn’t get hurt. This techniques involves ultrasound technology. It can help clear out the scars in the least invasive manner. People with acne prone skin, usually need to go through a few repeated treatments of microdermabrasion.


Micro needling is a process of fractional skin resurfacing without involving lasers used to remove the appearance of scar. It is a controlled method of needling skin to eliminate the damaged layer of skin removing the scars simultaneously. However, an anaesthesia or a topical numbing cream is used before the procedure and a soothing gel is applied after the procedure so that you don’t have to go through pain.

Surgical Scar Removal:

Surgical scar removal is another option to remove the appearance of scar. It should be used for deeper scars that are caused by any surgical procedure or a severe injury which don’t response to other non-invasive treatments. A technique of skin grafting from your own skin is used. The grafts requires are collected from another part of your body that is less visible.

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are also considered an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of scars and overall skin damage by many dermatologists. The filler is injected into the treatment area to eradicate unwanted cosmetic conditions. Dermal filler is a safe procedure without any downtime.

IPL Treatment:

IPL (intense pulse light) treatment is the least invasive procedure which involves high intensity of pulses of light to rejuvenate the skin eliminating any damage or scars on the skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Laser skin resurfacing using the fractional CO2 technique is most effective and reliable for treating skin damage and acne scars. It works excellently on all skin types including acne prone skin. This procedure involves the delivery of fractional CO2 laser beam to remove the skin in the fractionated manner that columns of skin are left. The undamaged skin promotes the healing process. Laser beams also stimulate the natural collagen production.

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