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Top Ten Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal is one of the most effective and reliable method for removal of tattoos. It is continuously becoming famous but still whoever plans to have this treatment has a lot of questions in his or her mind because the decision is not only a commitment but an investment too. In addition, he or she will also want to ensure the successful results. Below mentioned are ten questions that most of the tattoo removal candidates ask and they may also be in your mind if you are planning to have this treatment.

Is laser tattoo removal painful procedure?

The procedure of laser tattoo removal is virtually painless procedure because the possible pain or discomfort caused by laser during the treatment is reduced by applying numbing cream before treatment.

How long is laser tattoo removal?

Depending on the size of the tattoo, the length of the treatment varies. It may take minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 45 minutes.

How many treatments are required to remove tattoo?

Every person has a unique tattoo and the number of treatments varies depending on the type of skin and tattoo. Generally, the treatment requires 5 to 10 sessions. Homemade tattoos can be removed in about 4 treatment sessions while permanent makeup tattoos may require more sessions.

How long I need to wait between tattoo removal sessions?

Laser tattoo removal sessions are mostly spaced out 6 to 12 weeks longer or apart.

Is laser tattoo removal equally suitable for all colors of ink?

Laser tattoo removal is suitable all the colors but black and other dark colors like red, blue and orange respond well to the treatment. On the other hand, tattoos of light colors require some time for complete eradication.

Does laser tattoo removal give permanent results?

Yes, laser tattoo removal gives permanent results and the removed tattoos do not come back.

Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Yes, laser tattoo removal may cause scarring but the scars fade with the passage of time. Your practitioner will give you some post-treatment instructions. By following them, you can speed up the process.

What type of per-treatment care is required?

Avoid sun exposure for 4 to 6 weeks before treatment. You may also have to stop topical or oral medications and skin care products few days before treatment. Avoid tanning also because tanned or darker skin tone does not respond well to the treatment.

What type of after care is required?

Healing ointment and bandage may be applied on the treated area. You will have to keep it clean and dry and avoid sun exposure. Don’t apply cream or makeup on treated area and don’t forget wearing sunscreen before going in the sun. Applying cold compresses will help you reduce pain and discomfort after treatment. Do not pick the scab and avoid shaving.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Determining the exact cost of treatment without consulting practitioner or laser expert is very difficult because it varies from patient to patient depending on many factors. The factors that may affect the cost are type of skin and tattoo, colors of tattoo, location of tattoo and number of sessions required.

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