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There are lots of things that we regret of after doing and tattooing is one of them. More than fifty percent of the people who had craze of having tattoos on their skin at some stage of life soon want to get rid of them. Tattoos are made using inks having different colors and are considered permanent piece of art but still there are various ways to get rid of this ink but the quickest and the most effective one is laser. The only professional method for tattoo removal is using laser, according to number of dermatologists. It requires few sessions and with every session, tattoo fades. But seeing or knowing about the most effective and quick results of laser tattoo removal makes you think how the procedure really works.

Laser tattoo removal is the least invasive option for tattoo removal that targets the ink particles of tattoo only without damaging the skin. Prior to procedure skin is numbed using numbing cream or aesthetic cream. After wards laser in introduced to the skin having tattoo that passes through the skin and targets the ink particles. Laser draws these particles outside the skin where skin recognizes as foreign particles and eradicates them. The principle is that the lymphatic system of your own body removes these ink particles after recognizing that they do not belong to it and as a result tattoo lightens with the passage of time.

The laser technology is progressing constantly and the result is that now there are far better lasers for the removal of tattoos. These lasers are faster, more effective and stronger than the previous ones. Q Switch laser is one of the best option for tattoo removal these days. This type of laser is more effective in the removal of tattoo and requires fewer treatments for better clearance. The pulse duration of laser light is much shorter in this system that breaks ink particles better and makes it easy for body to get rid of tattoo.

If we talk about how much time it takes to give the results, seventy five percent of improvement is achieved after four treatments in case of black ink and blue or green ink requires one to three sessions to show seventy five percent of improvement.

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