The Quickest Way to Remove a Tattoo

Remove a Tattoo

There are many actions one can take at the spur of the moment and come to regret later. Getting a tattoo is one of them. According to research, more than fifty percent of the people with tattoos want to remove them at some point in their lives. Tattoos are made by using needles that insert ink into the skin and are considered as a permanent piece of art.

However, there are ways to remove tattoos. The traditional methods for this purpose aren’t very effective, and they are very painful at the same time. On the flip-side, Laser tattoo removal works well in fully getting rid of a tattoo with minimal discomfort. So, you can say that laser tattoo removal is the quickest way to remove a tattoo.

Are all lasers the same?

No, all lasers are not the same. The laser technology is constantly improving and getting more effective for tattoo removal. Q Switch laser is one of the best laser options for tattoo removal nowadays. Compared with other options, it requires fewer treatment sessions for better clearance. What makes it so good is the shorter pulse duration, which allows better results. It also helps in lessening the discomfort associated with the procedure.

How is it done?

Prior to the procedure, skin is numbed using an anaesthetic cream. A cooling cream-gel may also be used. The laser is set at specific wave lengths to directly target tattoo pigmentation and break it down into smaller bits. These particles are then excreted from the body. The laser does not harm the skin in the process.

How long will it take to remove a tattoo?

It takes several sessions to remove a tattoo. The exact number of required sessions depends on certain factors. The colors in the tattoo, the size and the shape all have an impact. For example, bright colors like red and yellow are easier to remove as compared to the dark ones like black. Similarly, older and tired tattoos that have faded may need less effort than a new, shiny one.

Generally, the tattoo’s appearance gets considerably lighter by the end of fourth session. However, the exact number of sessions needed to fully remove a tattoo can only be determined by a doctor. Between each session, there is a gap of a few weeks to allow the skin to fully recover.

What to expect post treatment?

Laser tattoo removal has almost no post treatment side effects. There is usually some temporary redness and swelling on the treated area, which may require icing. Sensitivity to the sun for a few days is another side effect. Avoiding the sun during peak hours is important. If you need to go out during day time, be sure to wear sunscreen with a high SPF.


Thanks to the advancing laser technology, getting rid of unwanted tattoos is no longer a painful task. With a few sessions, tattoos can be completely removed through laser tattoo removal. It is a quick and relatively less painful treatment to get rid of tattoos. In case you are looking to get a tattoo removed through laser, visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® because we offer the laser tattoo removal treatment. You can set up an appointment with our experts by simply filling in the form given below.