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We have all heard it before; if you start anti-aging treatment early in life, your skin will age faster, and if you start it too late, the collagen might take time regenerating. So, when is the best time to schedule for an ant-aging treatment appointment with your laser and skin care specialist in Dubai?

Here are a few signs found on your skin that you should look out for before deciding to start using any products or treatments.

Thinner looking skin:

When your skin appears thinner, then it is time to visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for a free consultation with the skin and laser specialist. Thinner looking skin can be caused by over exposure to UV rays in addition to other harmful environmental factors. After going through your anti-aging treatment, it would be for the better if you used a sun block on your skin.

Solar Lentigos:

This can be described as small pigmented spots, found on your body like the décolleté area, arms, back etc. that are surrounded by normal looking skin. This is as a result of over exposure to the sun or artificial UV light. Also known as age spots, they can be reduced or eliminated by laser skin treatments. In addition, stop using those artificial tanning machines or going in the sun sans sun blocker. Just for the record, this spots might appear on children, so this does not mean you should take them to your anti-aging expert.

Overly dry skin:

Aging skin will sometime give a leathery feel to it, in addition to being scaly. This is happens due to the loss of moisture through excessive sweating and oil in the skin layers. Over exposure to the sun is also a culprit for this. So, whenever you notice this, make an appointment with your anti-aging specialist and discuss what’s next.

Enlarged pores:

Although enlarged pores can also be hereditary, to a large extent they are a sign of aging. They are caused by build-up of dead skin cells around the pores. This leads to the breakdown of collagen, and as a result slows down the production leaving the skin looking wrinkly and saggy. Choosing an anti-aging treatment that clears the pores and encourages the regeneration of new collagen and melanin will do the trick in this case.

Loss of firmness:

A less firm skin is a big sign that you need to have an appointment with a laser and skin specialist in Dubai. When your skin loses its firm grip, it means your collagen regeneration is slowing down. For this to be sorted out, you might need Ultherapy in Dubai, which would do wonders for you, without any scarring, downtime or surgery.

For more information on anti-aging treatments and laser, call us at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for a free consultation or fill the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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