Tattoo Removal – What Types of Tattoos Can Be Removed?

Tattoo Can Be Removed

Getting tattoos is an age old practice and one that is still very much in fashion. People like to have intricate designs inked into their skin permanently with the help of a needle. The process is painful but for those getting the tattoo, the effort is worth it until people change their minds and no longer want them. While getting a tattoo is popular, getting rid of them is even more sought after these days. Traditionally, tattoo removal has been a painful and often futile process. The modern Laser Tattoo Removal technologies, however, make the job much more effective and nearly pain-free.

Let’s have a closer look at tattoos and how they can be removed.

Types of Tattoos

Not all tattoos are the same and they have different kinds.

Traditional or Decorative Tattoos

The creation of this type of tattoos involves repetitive puncturing on skin with a needle saturated with ink. It results in a tattoo based on the chosen design. It can be a simple leaf or an extremely intricate design that can only be made by a true expert. These tattoos may be made with single or multiple colors.

Cosmetic Tattoos

As the name suggests, these are tattoo made for cosmetic purposes. They are also known as pigment implantation or permanent makeup. They are usually made around eyes, on eyebrows and lips by applying permanent color implants. They usually last for two to six years.

Accidental Tattoos

This type of tattoo, as the name suggests, results from some sort of accident or trauma. They may include tattoos resulting from carbon entering the skin in a road accident. Gunpowder explosions can also cause tattoos on the skin with gunpowder penetrating into the skin.

How to remove tattoos?

When it comes to the removal of tattoos, there are various methods including Microdermabrasion, surgical excision, topical creams, and laser tattoo removal. Most of the options are highly invasive, or not effective enough, even both.  Laser tattoo removal is the most effective option with minimal discomfort.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The procedure starts with numbing down the treatment area by applying a topical anesthetic. The pre-set laser beams only target the tattoo pigmentation and break it down without affecting the nearby skin. The body itself removes the broken-down pigmentation over some time.

The types of laser generally used for tattoo removal include Nd: YAG, Alexandrite, and Ruby. The procedure requires multiple sessions for complete removal of a tattoo, with each session lessening its appearance significantly

Side Effects

Laser tattoo removal has minimal side effects that include slight swelling, bruising, and redness in the treated area. Sensitivity to the sun is also expected for a few days, so avoid going out during peak sunlight hours. If you need to go out under the sun, apply sunscreen with at least 50 SPF.


Laser tattoo removal is an ideal option if you do not want your tattoo anymore. It can help you get rid of any kind of tattoo mentioned above. It is the least discomforting of all options and the results are clearly much better compared with other options. You may visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic if you are looking to get the procedure from a reputable clinic.

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