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Tattoo Removal – What Type of Tattoo Can Be Removed?

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Tattoo Can Be Removed

Tattooing has been done throughout the history and is still the most popular in youngsters. There are a number of reasons behind getting tattoos on the body but it is also the fact that more than half of those people who get tattoos on their skin often want to get rid of these designs. The reasons behind having tattoos may include cultural traditions, an expression of individuality, to show membership of some group or to mark a significant event of life. The tattoos have several types and the method for their removal is selected depending on the type of tattoo. Here we will discuss the types of tattoos as well as the effective treatment for their removal.

There are several kinds of tattoos depending on the designs and colors used for their creation but their three main types include following.

Traditional or decorative tattoos

Creation of this type of tattoos involves repetitive puncturing on skin with a needle saturated with colored ink. This results in creation of desired design on the skin. People get these tattoos for a wide range of reasons including personal, cultural and social.

Cosmetic tattoos

They are also known as pigment implantation or permanent makeup. They are usually made around eyes, on eyebrows and lips by applying permanent color implants. This type of tattoos are made for beautification purposes and usually last for two to six years.

Accidental tattoos

This type of tattoos may be the result of injury. Trauma – like tiny particles of carbon entered into the skin as the result of skin grazed along the road – may cause accidental tattoos. Gunpowder explosions can also cause tattoos on the skin if gunpowder is penetrated in to the skin.

When it comes to the removal of tattoos, there are various methods for their removal including Dermabrasion, surgical excision, topical creams and laser tattoo removal but the most effective and frequently performed is laser tattoo removal. It is best suitable for tattoos made by pigments as laser breaks the pigments in the skin and eliminates the tattoos. It is more beneficial than any other tattoo removal method. It is better than excision and Dermabrasion because it is less invasive. If we compare it with tattoo removal creams, it is more effective.

The procedure of laser tattoo removal requires multiple sessions for complete removal of tattoo. During the procedure, the treatment area is first numbed using topical anesthetic. After this the laser is introduced to the skin. It penetrates the skin and breaks the pigments separating them from skin. Various colors are used for making tattoos and you may require use of specific type of laser that is suitable for removing that color. The tattoo will fade with every successive session till it disappears completely. The types of laser generally used for tattoo removal include Nd: YAG, Alexendrite and Ruby.

Laser tattoo removal is safe procedure and it does not cause any serious risks. However minimal side effects that are temporary are associated with this procedure. They include slight swelling, bruising and redness.

In short, there are various types of tattoos and laser tattoo removal is the most effective and beneficial method for removal of tattoos created using pigments.

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