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As you will read the above title, there will be one thought striking your mind that stretch marks have only something to do with women who have stretch marks under the belly as a result of pregnancy. However, the truth is that stretch marks may also be found in some men who have been engaged in certain muscular activities like body building and are now left with some visible marks all over. Apart from this, if someone has gained a lot of weight and then there is an overly reduction, this may also go on to leave such marks on some body parts.

One thing is for sure that it is very unlikely that skin can revert back to normal after having remained stretched for a considerable period of time. Hence before looking for any possible stretch mark treatment, it is important to investigate the causes behind. Normally, these marks crop up in the dermis which is the stretchable middle layer of skin which enables retention to the original form. On remaining constantly stretched, the dermis breaks down and leaves stubborn stretch marks behind.

Although there are many products available to treat stretch marks but laser treatment and Dermabrasion are considered to be the best for treating this condition. There two techniques are also useful in treatment of scars resulting from acne or other sources like accidents or invasive surgeries. The other major types of scars that are found on skins other than acne include Keloid scars, Contracture scars and Hypertrophic scars. The treatment of these scars differs from each other and depends on various factors.

There is one very common problem related to facial skin and found in people of almost all age groups which is circles around the eyes. In other words, the condition is also known as ‘dark circles’ which makes skin appear dull and creates untidy look on the face. Although there are some home remedies for dark circles treatment but cosmetic surgery has permanent solutions.

Apart from the above, cosmetic surgery has a lot to offer. For example, women who are not happy with the size and shape of busts can get them improved through mastopexy with implants and attain desired volume of the breasts.

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