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What exercise and diet can’t change, smartlipo laser lipolysis can. Smart laser lipolysis is a new and remarkable treatment that uses the laser to melt away unwanted fat deposits from localized parts of the body. This technique has been in use in Europe and USA for years and now there are lots of clinics in UAE – specifically Dubai – offering this treatment. The main reason behind the popularity of this procedure is its beneficial results and non-invasiveness. The procedure is equally beneficial for both men and women though mostly it is associated with women. Men can improve the contour and shape of their body with the help of this procedure.

Smartlipo laser lipolysis is effective for removal of fat pockets from numerous areas of men’s body. Despite the fact that most of the men work out and lose weight, pockets of fat in some areas are impossible to shift or reduce. The most commonly treated areas in men are waist area, abdomen, flanks, and thighs. Another beneficial use of this procedure for men is the removal of fat tissues in the chest area. Gynecomastia is the condition that is responsible for the enlargement of chest area in men but it can effectively be overcome through smartlipo laser lipolysis if is not so severe.

Smartlipo laser lipolysis offers a proven safe and convenient way to eradicate stubborn fat deposits. The procedure is minimally invasive as it uses specially designed powerful laser technology to remove the fat cells and sculpt the body contours permanently. The best thing about the procedure is that laser used in the procedure also interacts the skin and tightens it leading to skin shrinkage and eradication of loose skin and cellulite.

The first step of the procedure is injecting the local anesthetic solution. Then a very small cannula having smart lipo laser probe is inserted in the skin that targets the fat layer. The laser beam is then directed to the fat layer, which destroys the fat cells by liquefying them. The liquefied fat is then absorbed by the body, which is later on excreted through body drainage systems instead of removing it through suction. Smart lipo laser lipolysis takes nearly an hour and causes very less bleeding, swelling and bruising.

In short, smart lipo laser lipolysis is a new and super effective technique for men to make their body shapely and contoured.

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