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Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair on face and body are troublesome for both men and women. There are many methods for hair removal including waxing, depilating creams, epilating, shaving, threading etc but all of these do not give permanent results and cause damage to the skin by making it dry and rough. But there is one way to get rid of these unwanted hairs permanently and that is laser hair removal. This procedure is not only the most effective procedure but also give permanent results without damaging the skin.

In the procedure of laser hair removal, laser is used to remove the hair. There are various kinds of lasers and most suitable type is selected depending on the type of skin and hair. Furthermore, the energy and strength of laser is also adjusted to get successful results. Laser targets the root of hair and destroys it permanently. The procedure requires several sessions but as the result of every laser treatment session, hair become thinner and lighter. You might start observing results just after the first treatment session and notable changes occur after two or three sessions but for optimal results you need to go for several sessions.

The results of the laser treatment are no doubt quite effective but the duration for getting optimal results varies from person to person. Even for the same person, results of this treatment vary from one area to another. The most common areas that are treated by laser include legs, arms, back, shoulders, under arms, upper lips and bikini area. Darker hair and lighter skin are considered more responsive to the treatment but new technologies are suitable for light hair and dark skin also. However blonde, white or grey hair can’t be treated by laser.

There are lots of benefits associated with the procedure of laser hair removal but the most important ones are that it destroys root of hairs long lastingly and significantly impedes their ability to grow again. The patient feels minimum discomfort during the treatment and it does not cause any damage or burn to the skin. The only discomfort associated with the procedure is slight pricking during the treatment and any burning sensation or discomfort after the procedure can be minimized by applying cold compresses.

In short, laser hair removal in Dubai is the only most effective and beneficial method to say good bye to unwanted hair long lastingly without any discomfort.

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