Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Snoring

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Laser Treatment for Snoring

Snoring may be negligible to some people utterly annoying for others especially if they are the ones who have to listen and bear with it through the night. There are many gadgets out there in the market which promise to cure snoring but they end up either not doing anything at all or making the problem worse.

One procedure however can make all the difference and it is literally pain free. Am talking about laser treatment for snoring also known as NightLase. This treatment works by reducing the snoring amplitude by gently tightening the effects which are caused by contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. A laser is used to do this.

Some of the reasons to get a laser treatment for snoring include;

  • Lack of healthy sleep for the snoring person
  • Keeping other people awake at night due to the snoring
  • Deprivation of oxygen for the person who is snoring and this can lead to other health problems such as migraines, high blood pressure, depression etc.

How NightLase works

The treatment entails a visit to the dentist. An Erbium laser is used to contract collagen and converse type III collagen to type I in the palatal tissues. This is done because type I collagen tightens and tones up easily hence reducing the vibration which occurs during snoring. It also opens up the patient’s airway by shrinking the uvula and the soft palate. No scarring happens during this procedure.

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The effects of nightlase are noticed after just one session as the snoring will have decreased. However top up sessions might be needed get the optimal results. Usually three thirty minute sessions are needed for over a span of six weeks. After that only one session will be needed every 12-18 months.

The Pros of NightLase

  • Pain-free procedure. The nightlase procedure is virtually pain-free during and after the treatment.
  • Non-surgical. You can get snoring relief without any type of cutting being performed on you.
  • Improved sleep. Both the patient and his/her family will get to have good quality sleep without the interference of snoring.
  • Improved Health. The patient’s health will improve greatly since snoring takes a toll on the body and mind.
  • Reduced snoring will lead to happier relationships
  • Improved breathing
  • No more embarrassing snoring situations
  • No scarring

Cons of NightLase

  • It is not a permanent solution
  • It has to be done regularly
  • It is expensive
  • The success of the treatment varies from patient to patient
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The Ideal Candidate for NightLase

  • You should not have severe nasal obstruction
  • Your weight should be ideal with a BMI 30 or less
  • If you have sleep apnoea the doctor will need to review you first.
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