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Non Invasive Ultrasonic Liposuction Slimming in Dubai

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Non Invasive Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction slimming can achieve successful body contouring and figure toning rather than reduce weight even though it is helpful in burning away fat from around the body. Love handles, muffin tops, saggy under arms and thighs are all commonly known banes even for those going to the gym for months. Ideal candidates are those who despite all their efforts face difficulty in removing these fatty deposits and hence can be able go for ultrasonic liposuction slimming on these targeted areas to reshape your figure. Areas that can be successfully treated by this method are;

  • Hips and flanks
  • Lower abdomen and stomach
  • Face and neck
  • Upper arms and inner thighs
  • Calves and ankles

Benefits of Treatment

Before treatment is carried out the patient will have to consult with their surgeon where a communication is created between surgeon and patient. The surgeon will provide the patient with before and after pictures, outlining the treatment plan and costs involved. The patient’s candidacy and peculiarities is also considered since every patient is different. Current medications such as aspirins, sleeping pills and vitamin supplements should also be discussed since they might interfere with the achievement of desired results. Age, genetics and other factors are also involved which is why even the best of doctors can only provide a prediction at best as to how well the results will be. But generally the benefits from ultrasonic liposuction slimming in Dubai are:

  • Decreased body fat content
  • Improvement in body shape and contours
  • Boost in confidence and self-esteem especially in front of peers
  • Ability to enjoy wearing lots of clothes that were previously unbefitting
  • Feeling your body get into proportion
  • Decreased fat cells in the body minus any cutting or complications due to surgery

Ultrasonic emissions of waves that resonate at high frequency convert solid long chain fat molecules into more soluble simpler compounds through concentrated pulses. Adipose tissue within the cells then leaks out of the ruptured fat cell membranes.

This is possible due to the vibration induced by the ultrasound waves cause vibrations of certain molecules inside the fat cells allowing them to break free and destabilize the cell membrane structure without hurting blood or nervous tissue in any surrounding vital organs.

This method does not remove the fat from the body through the skin unlike traditional invasive liposuction but it actually allows the fat to be broken down, diffused into the lymphatic system, to be sent to the liver and ether metabolized by the body or excreted through the colon.

Final results in the targeted areas may begin to appear after 4 or 6 sessions while the patient follows post operative instructions carefully. Since the treatment involves no pain and minimal downtime it’s carried out in less than hour. For some patients up to 20 sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results in any given area. Since the treatment depends on the body’s natural function of flushing out excess from the bloodstream various precautions need to be taken in order to effectively make sure the treatment goes through and is not reversed. Alcohol, high-carb dietary foods and soft drinks should be avoided since they replace the fat as top priority to be flushed in the liver causing the fat from the lymphatic system to be relocated and instead of metabolized is stored once again. This treatment can remove upto a pound of fat in one treatment all of which ends up in the bloodstream to be flushed properly after treatment.

The Procedure

Ultrasonic liposuction slimming makes use of regulated gentle ultrasound pulses to permanently destroy fat cells and it has been proven that once destroyed in s specific area, fat cells won’t grow again. Ultrasound waves of certain wavelengths can travel beneath eh skin surface into the subcutaneous layer, within damaging blood vessels, delicate muscles or nerves to liquefy fat by rupturing their cell membranes.

Since fat cells do not multiply, they will not grow again. Think of this as a permanent goodbye to your love handles. However the end result and how well the body is maintained afterwards depends on you. For long term body results, be sure to drink lots of clean water, eat a healthy diet, follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise routinely. However if calorie intake increases above normal, your body will begin to store fat inside the body around vital organs. This type of at is known as visceral fat and can be life threatening.

Think of your decision to undertake ultrasonic liposuction slimming as a commitment to eating and working well again to improve overall health. There is no limit, the more effort and care you put into your body the better shape you will get out of it.

What Happens after treatment

What happens to the fatty acids after they leak out of ruptured fat cells and end up into the bloodstream? This question is on the minds of every patient that learns about this procedure. The blood carries all this fatty fluid into the liver which then filters the blood and removes that excess fat from the blood as excrement.

Think of it as eating a very fatty meal and instead of fat going from your stomach into your blood it is relocated from your hips, thighs or any other treated area of the body. Some of the fat will be metabolized into energy and some of it might be collected elsewhere in the body. Hence the safety and natural compatibility of this procedure is very broad making it an ideal non-surgical alternative.

In some cases if excess fat has been treated gentle flushing of the colon with warm water can aid in ultrasonic liposuction slimming by speeding the liver process as well as slimming the abdomen aesthetically among other benefits.

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