Microdermabrasion Benefits and Side Effects

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The skin cleansing and exfoliation is a must for the people who go out in sun and pollution. As a safe and effective skin resurfacing and rejuvenation has some minor side effects and many great benefits. Continue reading to know the benefits and side effects.

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Microdermabrasion Benefits  

The Microdermabrasion treatment delivers great benefits to the skin. Some of the notable benefits will be discussed below;


The treatment is totally safe and you are not risking the health of your skin if you take it. Besides minor and temporary side effects, there are no other risks associated. That does not mean there is no big use of Microdermabrasion; it definitely delivers promising results. If an inexperienced person performs it, the risks can be dire.


By taking this technique, the lymphatic circulation and blood circulation gets improved deep within the skin. As a result, the health of the skin gets improved from the inside. The better blood flow translates into an enhanced oxygen and nutrients supply to the cells. On the other hand, the processes of cells also augment.

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Range of Uses

One of the best things about Microdermabrasion is the fact that it can treat a variety of skin issues. It is commonly used for acne, acne scarring, age spots, dull skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

Pore Size and Health

In addition to opening the clogged pores, the size of the pores can also be reduced with the help of this method of skin rejuvenation. There can be different reasons for pores enlargement. It not only reduces the pores size but also improves the health of the skin.

Enhances Product Efficacy

By removing the dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess oils, this technique enhances the blood circulation in the skin. As a result, the health of the skin gets improved. It enhanced the absorption of skincare products by the skin by up to 50%.



Microdermabrasion Side Effects  

To be honest, there are some minor and temporary side effects. The treatment is still worth the pain and discomfort because the person is going to get benefited from the amazing results. The side effects are minor and temporary; meant to say, the person will be completely fine in one day. Here are the common and rare side effects:

Irritation to the Eyes

The person can also experience some irritation in the eyes if the crystal stream method has been used. It happens when the crystal gets in the eyes. The eye irritation can be prevented by wearing suitable eye protection or your treatment.

Skin Redness or Pinkness

As a minimally abrasive technique, it gently sands your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. The skin may look reddish or pinkish after the treatment. It is due to the reasons that the abrasive mixture is applied to the skin during the treatment.

 Skin Tightness and Dryness

The skin often feels dry and tight after this treatment. This issue will last for just one day and the skin will restore to the normal color. This issue can be treated like sunburn. The person who takes it must avoid putting makeup on the skin for one day. On the other hand, one can cope with this issue by doing the following:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Keep the skin moisturized.
  • Avoid the excessive sun exposure.
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