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Laser Tattoo Removal Post Treatment Care

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Laser Tattoo Removal Post Treatment Care

Now that you are ready to get rid of those colored designs on your body – tattoo – with laser tattoo removal, you should know what you need to understand and do to make your procedure smoother, avoid any complications and speed up the recovery process. You will need to do a little hard work when you are done with your treatment for quick healing and recovery. Want to know what laser tattoo removal post treatment care involves? Keep reading.

Listed below are some simple yet important after care instructions for laser tattoo removal.

Keep the treated area clean: Keep the treated area clean and dry. Cover it with a sterile dressing for the recommended period of time. You can use soap and water but avoid taking bath for a couple of hours after procedure and pat dry the area after washing.

Apply topical ointment: Blistering is a common and normal side effect of laser tattoo removal. Apply antibiotic ointment or prescribed topical medication on the treated area to help with blistering and speed up the healing process. Usually creams specifically made for tattoo removal procedures are recommended but over the counter burn-relief medications can also be used. Use vitamin E ointment or hydrocortisone cream to decrease itching. It hydrates the treated area.

Use cold compresses: You may feel burning sensation on your skin after laser tattoo removal. Use cold compresses to reduce burning sensation, inflammation and discomfort. You can also use Tylenol to relieve discomfort but avoid using any blood thinning medication like aspirin.

Avoid picking at your skin: Scabbing is a normal part of healing process after laser tattoo removal. Avoid picking at or shaving the scab to prevent the risk of scarring and infection.

Avoid any form of soaking: Avoid baths, hot tubs or swimming until blisters and scabs heal completely. Avoid high pressure water as well.

Avoid wearing makeup: Avoid wearing makeup or applying any cosmetic product including creams and lotions and medications for about two days after laser tattoo removal.

Avoid excessive sun exposure: Avoid excessive sun exposure for the recommended period of time. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation disorders and leave your skin damaged and unattractive.

Wear sunscreen: Wearing a strong sunscreen after laser tattoo removal is very important. It will protect your skin from sun damage risk of pigmentation.

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