Laser Liposuction: Benefits Vs Side Effects

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Are you worried because of stubborn fats on your body? Do you want to look smart? Obviously, your answer will be in yes. Then you need to use a surgical procedure in which surgeons remove the additional fats from your different body parts. This surgical procedure is called laser Liposuction. This technique is most famous for both women and men. Some people think that this procedure is used to reduce body weight. But it is wrong. Because this procedure helps to reshape different parts of your body. Trained doctors of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic help the people to get their smartness back.

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Liposuction Procedure

There are several types of procedures because it is different from patient to patient. But some common steps are used in a traditional liposuction procedure.

  • Firstly, doctors are administered the anesthesia. Local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia are included in the options. But the procedure is commonly performed by the use of general anesthesia.
  • Your doctor will make minor holes in the treatment area.
  • Local anesthesia is injected by the syringe inside the treatment area to decrease the risk of trauma and bleeding.
  • After this, a small cannula – skinny hollow tube – will be put in through holes. The fats will be sucked by a syringe attached to the cannula.
  • In the final point, holes will be stitched and absorbable dressing will be settled on the stitches.


  1. It can improve the shape and curve of your body.
  2. It helps to completely remove so many fats from your body which can make a reason for fatty tumors inside your body.
  3. It can also help men who suffer from gynecomastia to get rid of fatty breast tissue.
  4. It can help treat lipodystrophy syndrome.
  5. The special effects of laser liposuction can be extremely long-lasting. After getting this treatment the weight of patient does not prominently increase.
  6. It can increase the appearance of your body. You have to get your body into more natural looking. The tone and shape of your body will inspire others.
  7. It can help to reduce extreme sweating in your armpit areas. This procedure can also reduce the redness of your thighs when rubbing by your walk.

Side effects

Some side effects include also.

  1. Laser liposuction has a slow healing process which can involve moderate bruising, scarring that may possibly last up to 4 to 5 months after the surgery. In some cases, patients have vomiting after the treatment.
  2. It can cause thrombophlebitis, in this position a blood clot is causing the vein swelling. Mostly it happens when performing laser liposuction of upper thighs and knees.
  3. Patients may feel deadness in treatment areas for some weeks after the procedure. But the numbness or deadness is usually just temporary.
  4. Sometimes, patients may face skin infections. But these are just for a few weeks.
  5. Inflammation, redness, soreness, and swelling may experience around the treated parts for 5 to 6 months.

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Final Thoughts!

If you see the laser liposuction benefits vs side effects then you will get a big number of benefits. Side effects are minor and you will be get rid of these complications within 4 to 5 months. Also, the complications happen for a short period of time. It may also reduce if you select your liposuction surgeon carefully.

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