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Laser liposuction is revolutionary in ways that allows for effective liquidation of fat prior to suctioning. Moreover the added advantage of skin tightening due to collagen stimulating laser frequency is prevents saggy skin and stretch marks from appearing following the procedure. Laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi also accelerates healing, reducing post operative pain and with the added effect of pain numbing prescriptions ensures that the patient enjoys speedy recovery and promising results soon thereafter.

Traditionally liposuction is not a very lengthy or complex procedure but it requires expertise and a deeper understanding of human anatomy. With laser liposuction the time for the operation may be longer than that which normally a skilled plastic surgeon would take using orthodox liposuction techniques. But the lesser chances of bleeding associated with the laser method gives it an edge over conventional liposuction. In the end patients who are sedated during the procedure care more about the procedure going smoother and safer rather than some added minutes. Moreover results also matter most to patients and smoother non textured skin surface after laser liposuction is the greatest plus point they enjoy with laser assisted liposuction.

Laser Liposuction Surgery

As is the case with various body changing cosmetic procedures, the candidacy of each patient is evaluated and calculated by the plastic surgeon which also includes their medical history. Usually candidates for laser liposuction should the following basic pointers.

  • They are not obese and are as close as they can to their healthy weight.
  • They are dieting and exercising but it is not addressing the stubborn fat deposits around the limbs, waist or neck.
  • They are mentally stable but find difficulty in resuming their social due to lower self-esteem about their physique.
  • They do not suffer from some contradicting disease, are not addicted to over-the-counter-meds and can give up smoking for the prescribed time period.
  • They have realistic expectations from surgery and do not see it as a method of weight loss.

Celebrities are popular advocates of Laser liposuction Abu Dhabi due to its optimal results combined with other aesthetic procedures. The procedure is enacted on an outpatient basis includes minimal stitching and cutting, and immense accuracy to remove targeted fat pockets hard-to-reach areas such as the abdomen, underarms, inner thighs, double chin and breasts.


Since laser liposuction minimizes morbidity and body discomfort threshold it can be carried out on various areas of the body in a single session while being used in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments. Fat is melted and broken down using a small probe that is fitted with a laser which is inserted under the skin through a tiny incision. Afterwards, a cannula is inserted into the area and fat is suctioned out. All of this requires immense skill and guidance of the able hand of an experienced surgeon.

The costs associated with laser liposuction are one of the most significant factors that patients find themselves concerned with. Yet, patients should be more concerned about the quality of liposuction rather than the price factor. Plastic surgeons all wish to have an ultimately happy patient because the success of a surgery is not arbitrary. In this case a surgeon’s skill and experience is as important as the price should be.

Reputable for its state of the art technology, availability of globally standardized products and wide demographic of skilled practitioners, the UAE is your one stop location for medical tourism and cosmetic surgery. UAE is that country which will feel like home because of the bustling life and industry in there and you will realize how personalized care is taken very seriously there. Moreover there are no communication issues as is prevalent in other parts of the world.


After your procedure(s) have reached completion, it is highly necessary to follow the surgeon’s advice in order to recover properly and ensure healthy results. Patients will have to cope with numbness in the treated areas, tenderness, redness and swelling which is why usage of cold packs, painkillers and support garments are essential for recovery. Drainage bulbs and tubes should be sued properly and timely wherever prescribed.

Routine check-ups after surgery are also scheduled with your plastic surgeon after laser liposuction and it is your duty to follow up even after the stitches are removed. The surgeon may check up on you after surgery to see how well you are doing but visit is necessary as scheduled. Medications for pain and healing should be taken in a timely manner and the course should be completed.

The recovery period may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors. Anywhere between 5 days to 2 weeks may be taken off from normal routine until you can get back to your work and functional duties. Psychological recovery is also another part of the story. Plastic surgery is also aimed at making people feel better about themselves by regaining self-esteem.

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