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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The technology behind laser hair removal machines is safe and most body areas can take laser treatment for hair removal. Except for one area, this technique can help get rid of extra hair permanently. This blog post discusses the body area where the laser can be used to remove hair. By continuing reading, you can learn more.

Laser for Face & Body Hair Removal

Most of the facial and body parts can be treated using the latest laser machine for hair removal. For different areas, the number of laser sessions required to get maximum hair reduction is different. For example, it can take from 6 to 12 laser sessions to get up to 90% hair reduction in a given area.

There are different types of hair and thin or fine hairs do not respond to the laser light. However, dermatologists can use another method to hide or remove such kind of hairs. Furthermore, the hair color also matters: it is easy to remove dark brown and black hair; it is hard to remove white-gray hair.

On the other hand, the skin area color also matters. The laser technology for hair removal delivers better results if there is a huge difference between hair color and skin color. The areas around the eyes are sensitive and the use of normal hair removal laser is not good.

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Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Here are the common areas for hair removal using laser therapy:

  • Feet Hair
  • Legs’ Hair
  • Pubic Hair
  • Hands’ Hair
  • Back’s Hair
  • Arms’ Hair
  • Ears’ Hair
  • Neck’s Hair
  • Forehead’s Hair
  • Bikini Line Hair
  • Lower Lips’ Hair
  • Upper Lips’ Hair
  • Underarms’ Hair
  • Inner Thighs’ Hair

Our Latest Laser Hair Removal

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers the latest hair removal treatment in the town. Our up-to-date and calibrated laser machines work well for most of the skin types and skin tones. The laser professionals who work with us are qualified, trained, and experienced. Here, you get the right value for your money.

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If you are bothered by the unwanted hair on any part of your body, you should consider our latest laser treatment for hair removal. You may have further questions about laser hair removal. Perfect! We love to answer questions. So why not just get in touch with one of our professionals and know more about it. So fill our online form or call us anytime to book your appointment.

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