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Laser Hair Removal – The Preferred Choice to Remove Unwanted Hair

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Nobody will like his or her body look hairy and will try anything possible to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. There are lots of hair removal methods that have been in use for years and centuries like waxing, threading, sugaring, shaving, epilating, depilating etc. but all these methods remove hair temporarily and do not give effective results. There are two advanced techniques that have become quite popular and give effective results that are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Electrolysis is effective but still it is painful and requires several sessions and long time to show results. This treatment is the only procedure that is the most effective one giving lasting results and is preferred on all the other methods. Let’s have a look how this procedure really works.

In this procedure basically uses laser technology to destroy the hair follicles permanently. During the procedure, gel is applied on the skin to avoid any burns and then laser is introduced to the skin that penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicles. Suitable wavelength and energy of laser is selected depending on the type of skin and color and thickness of hair. There are various kinds of lasers having different wavelengths and energies and it is important to select the suitable one to get successful results. Laser destroys the melanin in the follicles and with the passage of time hairs are removed permanently.

Laser hair removal treatment is a brief and easy treatment and does not cause any serious pain and discomfort except slight burning sensation. Extremely rare side effects associated with the procedure involve inflammation, discoloration and infection. However, there are no serious side effects or complications related to the procedures except slight redness and burning sensation if performed correctly. The procedure is no doubt highly beneficial and gives permanent or long lasting results but it will require having few sessions to give optimum results. Any man or woman can be the candidate for laser hair removal. Lasers are now suitable for any skin color and hair thickness and color except hairs having white color. Though usually, this hair removal method gives quick results for darker hair and lighter skin tone.

So, just don’t wait and get ready to go for hassle free method for the removal of unwanted hair on the face and body with laser technology. However, when ever going for the procedure keep in mind to select highly experienced dermatologist or laser specialist to get successful permanent results.

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