Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser Hair Removal is better thenTraditional Methods

Laser hair removal is a well-known procedure used nowadays to get rid of unwanted body hair. But there is one question that is commonly asked regarding the treatment. That is, “Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?” Well, we won’t keep you waiting and rambling on and on. The answer is NO.

Laser hair removal works its magic by heating up the follicles of hair. It puts the hair follicles in a state of dormancy for a long duration and prohibits them from growing further. Most women are able to get rid of unwanted hair for life but for others, the hair grows back within a few years. However, the new growth is lighter, finer, and fewer in number. That’s a catch for sure. It is because every person has a distinct growth cycle.

The procedure is often touted as a permanent hair removal option but in reality, it reduces hair growth and does not remove them permanently. With regular sessions, you can reduce the hair growth to a significant level that will keep you hair-free for years. It is a much better option than shaving, epilating, and other hair removing methods and is cost-effective in the long run. It is important that you choose a board-certified dermatologist for getting the procedure done.

How does laser hair removal work?

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Laser hair removal makes use of a high-heat laser beam that heats up and damages the hair follicles. They are found just below the skin. Once, the follicles are destroyed, hair production will be temporarily disabled. In contrast to it, other hair removal methods remove the hair from the surface only. Hence, your hair grows back after a few days or weeks. These methods don’t target hair-producing follicles in the skin.

Can it work for me?

Earlier, laser hair removal worked for people with darker hair colors and lighter skin tones but today laser can work for people with dark skin tones as well.  Lasers target the melanin found in the hair but if you have light-colored hair, it won’t work effectively. Even if some hairs aren’t removed, the lightening of their color can reduce the appearance of hair on the skin.

A Quick Process

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Overall, it is a quick process. The dermatologist will take less than an hour to laser off the hair from your body and smaller areas (upper lips, chin) will only take a few minutes. The dermatologist may or may not use a topical anesthetic depending on your pain tolerance.

Why are follow-up sessions needed?

You cannot expect to be hair-free in a single session. Follow-up treatments are necessary to get the most out of laser hair removal. The exact number of sessions varies for each individual depending on the thickness and density of hair.  Normally, these sessions are spaced six weeks apart. On average, people get 5 to 7 sessions. After each session, you’ll notice that hair becomes less and less noticeable until your skin becomes silky soft.

Depending on your individual needs and hair growth rate, you may need one or two maintenance sessions every two years. The maintenance sessions only last a few minutes because you are not targeting your entire body but focusing on a few patches which require your attention.

The Bottom Line

Although laser hair removal isn’t exactly permanent for everyone, it’s certainly the best option for hair removal. Most dermatologists recommend a laser for getting rid of unwanted hair. It is the only treatment that keeps your hair-free for years, unlike other treatments.

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