How to Remove Stretch Marks

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How to Remove Stretch Marks

Appearance of stretch marks on the skin is normal in girls and guys in puberty or they can also appear when one gains large amount of weight quickly. Another main cause behind the appearance of stretch marks is pregnancy. Stretch marks appear on the skin when it is stretched rapidly and production of collagen – an important ingredient to keep skin smooth, healthy and elastic – disrupts. Whatever the reason is, the main thing is that people who get stretch marks on the skin want to get rid of them. Stretch marks do not cause any harm or damage but they are unappealing and unsightly aesthetically.  Here you will come to know how to remove stretch marks appearing on your skin efficiently.

The appearance of stretch marks varies from person to person. Sometimes they fade on their own in case they are not severe while those that are less severe may be eradicated by using topical creams available for their removal but if the most effective treatments for stretch marks even if they are more severe and visible are given below.

If stretch marks are there on your tummy, tummy tuck surgery is an excellent procedure to get rid of them. Most of the women undergo tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy because it not only flattens your stomach but also removes the stretch marks effectively. During the procedure of tummy tuck, excess skin from the area having stretch marks is removed. Furthermore skin tightening makes the stretch marks less visible. Tummy tuck removes the stretch marks permanently.

If you have less noticeable stretch marks or you don’t want to go under the knife to get them removed, there are non-surgical treatments for stretch marks also available. Laser stretch mark removal is the most popular one. In this procedure laser beam is used to disrupt the molecular bonds of skin tissues. After the procedure is performed, treated area heals quickly and new skin layers are formed having no stretch marks.

The treatments for stretch marks other than laser are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. In chemical peeling a chemical solution that is suitable to your condition is applied on the skin that peels off the dead and damaged layers of skin. Microdermabrasion also removes the damaged layers of skin but for this purpose, it uses fine crystals that blast the skin. Both the treatments are effective but require several sessions to give desired results.

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