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How to Reduce Scar Tissue After Surgery?

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Scar removal in Dubai

When a person goes under surgery a constant reminder in the form of scar appears where the surgery has taken place. The shape of scars vary and depends upon the surgery that a person has gone through. When the scars first appear it starts as a red lump and slowly changes into a solid and lumpy state.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers great service of scar removal in Dubai.

People used to accept scars in the past as a price they had to pay for the treatment. Not anymore the surgical procedure has advanced to the point where they can render the scar almost invisible. However, these techniques can not completely remove the scar

Treatments for scar removal

In the present time, there are many techniques used in the treatment of different scars that a person receives during surgery. Following are the techniques used for the removal of surgical scars.

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Laser Scar Removal

In the laser scar removal, high energy laser beam is used to remove the outer surface of the scar. The laser in this technique also penetrates the middle layer of skin to tighten and smooth it. The treatment takes one to two hours for completion.

Two types of lasers are used for two different type of scar.

YAG laser: This type of laser is used to treat shallow and small scars. It has less penetration power. I also require less anesthetic for pain sedation and the recovery time is faster (About 1 weeks).

CO2 Laser: It is a powerful laser and penetrates deeper into the skin. This type of laser is used to remove deeper and thicker scars. The procedure is painful and requires sedation. The recovery time of this method is longer (About 2 weeks).


Injectables are the fillers which are used to fill the scars. This type of technique is usually used to fill depressed or swollen scars. The lasting time of this treatment depends upon the filler used and the part of skin where it is used.


This technique is used to stop resurfacing of the scar and to correct the scarring of the skin. If the surgical scars are not too deep then they can be treated using this method.

Topical Treatment

In this procedure gels, tapes and even external compressors are used to reduce the surface of a raised scar. This procedure is also useful in the closure of scars. These medicines are often prescribed with another scar revisions techniques in order to help with the healing of scar.

Surgical Scar Removal

In this technique, a scar is removed surgically. The procedure involves removal of swollen scar in order to make it plastered with the surface. This technique is used for the removal of deepest scars that can’t be closed by using other methods. The tissues of a scar are surgically removed in this procedure and scar is closed in a more appropriate position.


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The end result of your scar will depend upon the severity of your scar. Some scars can be closed with one technique while some require the combination of different scar revision technique for a good result.

If you are looking for scar removal in Dubai then you can contact Dubai Cosmetic Surgery before you make the decision. We are offering free online consultation with professional cosmetic surgeons. All you need to do is fill the form below and you are good to go.

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