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Successful Tattoo Removal

Tattooing was the craze of young generation few years back but it is also the fact that more than fifty percent of the people having tattoos on their body want to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are different methods to remove this unwanted body design but all of them may not give successful results for all the kinds of tattoos. But the good news is that new tattoo removal techniques give successful results and laser tattoo removal and intense pulsed light therapy are the most effective ones. Let’s know about the various procedures for tattoo removal and the factors that make IPL and laser tattoo removal better than all of them.

Previously the methods that were in use for the removal of tattoos were not only painful but they were ineffective too. Dermabrasion and excision were the most common one. Dermabrasion is the procedure in which the upper layer of skin removed through abrasive friction. Dermabrasion is a painful procedure, can’t remove the tattoo completely and leaves scar behind. Excision is the procedure in which skin having tattoo is cut away and rest of the skin is sewed together. This method is also damaging and leaves scar behind.

Now, when it comes to IPL and laser tattoo removal, they are the most effective procedures. They do not cause any harm to the skin and remove the tattoo completely without scarring. In IPL therapy, high intensity of light is used to remove the pigments of tattoo. This procedure differs from laser therapy in the way that it is absorbed by the skin in spite of just the pigments of tattoo.

If we talk about laser therapy, the laser used passes through the skin and targets the pigments of tattoo only. It breaks down the pigments and this way whole tattoo is eradicated. The wavelength of laser is adjusted depending on the colors used in tattoo and is considered more effective on dark pigments. Laser tattoo removal requires few sessions but gives highly effective and successful results.

Besides selecting best method for tattoo removal, it is also important to select the right person to get successful results. Choose someone who is well qualified and has expertise and skill in this field. For laser tattoo removal, you should consult an experienced dermatologist or laser specialist.

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