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Ultherapy Treatments & What To Expect After This?

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Ultherapy Treatments

Are you deciding to get ultherapy treatment? If yes, then it is quite normal to have various questions in your mind before opting for the treatment. Noticeably, most of our patients have similar questions in their mind. How many ultherapy treatments are required? What to expect after getting a treatment? What will the results be? We have discussed these important questions with our experts and write this piece of information for your ease. Read this article till the end to know these answers!

Is Ultherapy A Good Choice?

First of all, you should adhere to the fact that ultherapy is a good choice if you don’t want to go under the knife but you want to get amazing benefits. In fact, ultherapy is a procedure of facelift that is non-surgical in nature. You may get benefits of brow lifting, chin and neck lifting by getting this outstanding and advanced procedure.

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Researches reveal it as a best and effective source of maintaining your younger look. According to Health Canada & the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, if you have enough laxity in your skin then you may get benefit from this treatment. No matter, if you are too young or too old. If you are having the signs of aging then you may go for it.

Ultherapy Treatments


How Many Ultherapy Sessions?

The number of sessions that are required to get optimal results vary from one person to another. For some patients, only 1 treatment is enough but for some others, more sessions are required to achieve their desired results. The results depend on various aspects such as how much laxity your skin contains and the way in which your body responds to the ultrasound rays. Age is another considerable factor. However, if you need more than one session, you may get it after 6 months or even after 2 years as it depends. Our expert surgeons can assist you in this regard. During your initial consultation, our experts will analyze your skin and let you know exactly what you should expect and do you need more sessions or only 1 session will be enough for you.

What To Expect?

You should expect outstanding and effective results after this treatment. You may get some initial effects right after the procedure, but it will take almost 2 to 3 months to tone up your skin and lift it as per your desire. The new collagen replaces the place of old collagen and this process will take time. The procedure will provide you the desired results without making major changes in your appearance.

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Also, you should know that your skin continues aging, we can maintain the aging process but we can never stop it. So, you will need some touch-up procedures to assist yourself in maintaining your skin health. However, it is noticed that one treatment is enough for most of the patients, however, there is no wonder if you need more than 1 session.

It is your life and you have to take your own decisions regarding your health. Your aesthetic health is as important as your medical health. So, you should get a procedure if you think it is required to boost your quality of life. When you get such treatments, you will get help in maintaining your appearance, it will assist you in booting your confidence & self-esteem, and as a result, you will get a significant improvement in your quality of life. So, what are you waiting for when you have such an amazing opportunity to get your consultation for FREE? Yes, here at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are providing our consultation for free as your satisfaction is our main priority. What are you waiting for then? You just need to fill the following form and we will contact you back. Good Luck!

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