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How Laser Treatments Fix Skin Problems

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Fix Skin Problems

Are you seeking an effective and non-surgical method to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles? Want an effective remedy for sun spots and age spots? Do you want to get rid of acne and scars? Want a permanent solution to unwanted body hair? If your answer to any of the aforementioned questions is yes, laser treatments can help you. Laser skin treatments are non-surgical, effective and safe solution to any of your skin related issues. Want to know how lasers are complete solution to your problems? Keep reading.

This article will shed light on some common skin related issues that nearly everyone experiences and laser treatments are the solution to them.

Aging skin

Sagging skin and lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of aging, which do occur sooner or later. Laser treatments can effectively tighten the loose skin and eradicate wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Laser treatment for wrinkles is a FDA-cleared procedure. Various kinds of lasers are available to treat aging skin but mostly fractional CO2 laser, ND YAG laser and Alexandrite lasers are used.

Pigmentation disorders

Lasers are helpful for improving skin tone by treating pigmentation disorders such as freckles and blemishes. Laser treatments are perfect option to treat sun spots and age spots. The types of lasers that are usually used for this purpose are Fractional CO2 laser and Alexandrite laser, especially for sun damage and freckles.

Enlarged pores

Aging, environmental damages like sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyle make skin surface rough and open the pores. Laser stimulates healing process in the skin and new collagen and skin cells production. This results in smooth skin and tightened pores.


Acne is one of the most common skin related problem and nearly everyone experiences this problem at some stage of life. They are caused by obstruction and enlargement of sebaceous glands by bacteria. Lasers are an effective and safe treatment for mild to moderate active acne. Laser treats acne by killing bacteria and stimulating healing process in the skin.


Lasers are very effective and beneficial for treating mild to moderate scars caused by acne, surgery or accident or trauma. In case of superficial scars, laser exfoliates damaged skin cells and stimulates healing process resulting in new skin cells productions. On the other hand pitted or depressed scars are treated with the stimulation of new collagen production.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Laser hair removal is an ideal option for all those who want a safe and lasting method to get fuzz-free body. Laser can effectively remove hair from face and virtually any area of the body. This procedure is equally beneficial for both men and women for any skin type.


Besides treating skin related aesthetic issues, lasers are the solution to unwanted tattoos as well. They effectively break down the pigments used in tattoos fading them with every successive treatment ultimately diminishing them completely.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are another skin related issue that occur in the form of silvery lines on the skin and are caused by tearing of skin. Lasers can treat them by stimulating healing process and collagen production in the skin.

Vascular conditions

Certain kinds of lasers can successfully treat various vascular conditions. The most common problem that can be effectively treated using laser is spider veins. Besides this, lasers can also treat rosacea and certain types of birthmarks including hemangiomas and port wine stains. Laser treatment helps reduce redness and visible blood vessels caused by rosacea. Alexandrite and Q-switched lasers are usually used to treat birthmarks.

If any of the aforementioned skin related issues is bothering you and you want a safe and effective solution – laser treatment, don’t delay consulting our laser and skin care experts.

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