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How Laser Liposuction Works

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How Liposuction Works

Prior to going for any type of Liposuction procedure, it’s every patient’s duty to educate themselves more about the dos and don’ts of cosmetic surgery.  At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery we offer the latest liposuction techniques including Laser Lipo, SmartLipo, and Vaser liposuction. Yet let us remind you that these various techniques do not have much significant difference in results obtained since the outcome’s most determining factor is the experience of our plastic surgeons.

You will probably read a lot about Laser liposuction these days. That is only because SmartLipo manufacturers are pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into marketing plans advertising their product. What is termed as ‘new’ and ‘safer’ liposuction is not entirely true, when on the contrary the SmartLipo device should be handled with absolute care and skill else the complications from laser assisted surgery can get really bad.

What we Offer

Smartlipo (laser-assisted) and (Ultrasound assisted) Vaser liposuction are both provided at our clinic since they both qualify as valuable “tools” in the hands of a plastic surgeon. Experienced plastic surgeons always prefer traditional methods for liposuction that is tumescent liposuction. It’s not that those who use revolutionary techniques aren’t good plastic surgeons.

A lot of “practitioners” of cosmetic surgery who aren’t typically qualified, have limited awareness on the consequences of surgery or lack a deep understanding of the human anatomy prefer to use these newer more convenient tools for liposuction that eventually lead to inefficiency. Let us begin by an introduction to both types of liposuction techniques employed at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

What we Use

Vaser Liposuction: In the event that a cannula is inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin, a small probe emits ultrasonic energy used to vibrate fat tissue and break it further down in order for it to be easily suctioned out. Ultrasonic waves have little to no effect on the surrounding tissues thus blood vessels and nervous tissue remains intact. In this manner, various surgical and post surgical dangers are avoided inevitably leaving a happier patient with a better body shape. This technique is carried out in the presence of local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.

Smart Lipo: In this practice of liposuction, the cannula inserted within the body is smaller (1mm diameter) and makes use of a laser that melts fat away prior to suctioning it out. Additionally the laser boosts formation of collagen (a chemical present in the dermal region of the skin) that shows affects of skin tightening. SmartLipo however doesn’t burn away all the fat in the area and neither is it meant to. Fat is sometimes left behind to be metabolized by the body. The laser-beam however is not only specific to fat tissue and can also burn away connecting tissue, fat coatings around nerves and blood vessels too leaving a possibility of creating long-term damage such as dimpling and scar tissue.

Where we Use it

Ultrasound assisted liposuction is mostly used in regions of large fat proportions and density. Along with tumescent liposuction techniques it allows for better shaping of body contours around the back, hips, thighs and abdomen areas.

Laser assisted liposuction is mostly used around the facial region, usually accompanying a face lift or other minor cosmetic procedures. Not only are the tools more suited for delicate surgery owing to their size but also due to the skin tightening factor it serves its purpose well on the facial area.

In both cases these tools are used during the application of tumescent liposuction. That is where fluid is injected under the skin to numb the nerves and breakdown fat cells while separating the fat tissue from the surrounding tissue as well. This etiquette followed by our skilled plastic surgeons is what results in a great outcome for both the patient’s body and the practitioner’s reputation.

Our Advice

In order to be qualified for plastic surgery you will not only have to pass an eligibility test but you ought to learn more about liposuction, the suitability of techniques (cost and outcomes), the complications that might follow and most importantly get to know your plastic surgeon. Knowing how experienced your plastic surgeon is important in placing trust and discussing your chances.

Our advice is that you can begin today by getting a free consultation from our experts and share what you expect out of surgery and we can help you towards achieving your dream. Remember, this is your body and we are here to help make you look better and feel better about it. Fill in the form for a free consultation right now!

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