How Does Smoking Raise the Risk of Snoring?

snoring and smoking

When thinking of the contributing factors of snoring, add smoking to the list too. There is a significant relationship between smoking and snoring that many people don’t know about. Various researches have concluded that smokers are more prone to the risks of snoring which again proves that smoking is harmful to your health. 

In today’s article, we are going to explain how exactly does smoking cause snoring. It will help you in understanding the drastic effects of smoking on your sleep. 

So, let’s begin!

Correlation between Smoking and Snoring 

Several European researchers have stated that smoking is one of the major causes of snoring because it affects the respiratory system. The irritating smoke that comes out of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco causes inflammation in the tissues that line the airways. As a result, swelling occurs which leads to post-nasal drip and narrowing. 

When the airway narrows down, the flow of air gets disturbed and becomes more turbulent. This turbulence in the airflow causes vibration which produces the unpleasant sound during sleep known as snoring. In this way, a correlation exists between smoking and sleep.

Question is does smoking cause snoring? Yes, the people who smoke or used to smoke previously have higher risks of snoring. Moreover, statistics even show that non-smokers who get exposed to second-hand smoke are also likely to snore. 

How to minimize the risk of snoring?

Now that you know exactly how smoking causes snoring, you must try to reduce this risk. Quitting smoking is the only solution to this problem. It is difficult initially but you can overcome this addiction with the help of smoking cessation products like nicotine gums or patches and even e-cigarettes. All these products facilitate you in quitting smoking. 

However, the support of your family, friends, and even doctor are also important during the phase of quitting smoking. You just need to be determined and committed to your goal.

Snoring Treatment

Apart from quitting the habit of smoking, you can also take the help of some clinical treatments to get rid of snoring. Laser Snore treatment has now been introduced in the world of cosmetic surgery to provide you with an effective solution for snoring. During this procedure, a high-intensity laser is used for the tightening of soft tissues that disrupt the airflow. It is a painless and non-invasive snoring treatment that can fix your snoring problem permanently.

Final Verdict 

If you are a chain smoker and snore heavily while sleeping, you have a problem to fix. As mentioned earlier, the risk of snoring has a direct relationship with the amount of smoking. Therefore, you need to quit smoking if you want to breathe and sleep properly without any obstruction. Get professional help if you find it difficult to quit. Also, you can undergo snoring treatment for a permanent solution. 

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