Hair Removal Treatment methods for Both Genders

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Hair Removal Treatment methods for Both Genders

Hair is sometimes necessary to remove for aesthetic and hygienic purposes and most of it is usually body hair that the human body can do without. Science and cosmetology has continued to perfect and develop numerous techniques utilized for hair removal from various areas of the body ranging from the face to the pubic regions and normally exposed parts like hands and feet. The various types of hair removal methods can be further divided into permanent and temporary hair removal methods.

The classification of all the common temporary procedures is as follows.

Tweezing and Waxing

The use of tweezers is way older but both make use of instruments that remove hairs from the roots that are below the skin. The procedure is varyingly painful between different patients and body parts but it can be used extensively for sure results. The results last longer and the hair that grows back is not thicker. Smooth skin surfaces remain till weeks after treatment.

Tweezing is efficient for smaller areas with more sparse hairs that need aesthetic plucking like from the eyebrows whereas waxing comes in handy with extensive areas covered with hair that women mostly find unappealing such as the arms, legs, bikini line, chest and neck. Some men with abnormal hair growth on their backs and chest will seek out waxing as a solution to their problems. Waxing and tweezing can both be carried out at home through simple instructions whereas products are easily available at stores (hot and cold waxes) and the services are also provided at cosmetic parlors.

Chemical Depilatories

These products are usually solutions of chemical compositions containing calcium thioglycolate or barium sulfide for painless hair removal. The method works by application in sensitive areas such as the underarms and pubic area so that the chemical can react with hair cells and dissolve them away. After application the recipient will clear away the growth and the results can remain for up to 2 weeks.

This treatment has the advantage of being effective on hairs of any length and can be used safely on any body part while the hair itself takes a lot longer to regrow.

The only disadvantage that chemical depilatories have is that people of certain races having dark skin cannot make use of it without being left with a pale shadow below their skin. For such skin types the chances of skin allergies and irritation due to the chemical exposure is also very much possible. Such maladies can get really messy and grotesque. For the face, such users are recommended only to use hair removal creams for facial treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

A cosmetic procedure aimed at effectively and permanently removing hairs from any part of the body using energy-emission to target and kill hair follicles, laser hair removal in Dubai is the rage of the new age. Constantly being perfected and improved by including newer technologies and techniques, laser hair removal only keeps getting better especially in the center of cosmetic surgery of the world i.e. Dubai. This technique might be slightly costly but with all your permanent expenses paid off in a couple of session you will love what you can be able to do with your body aesthetics through laser hair removal. Compared to all the temporary methods of hair removal laser hair removal is not only safe but it is more affordable and brings about astounding results.

First coined and commercially introduced in the 90’s, the laser hair removal therapy is part of a huge inventory of procedures that depend on laser to improve aesthetics, lifestyle and appearances in patients worldwide. Laser energy is the usage of concentrated heat energy to destroy hair follicles with precision and swiftness that deems it immensely safe and convenient.

Laser hair removal depends on a variety of factors such as type of hair being removed, patient medical records, patient skin type, gender, lifestyle and health. All these factors have to be individually considered by the surgeon in order to provide the most suitable laser hair removal treatment as well as deciding the number of sessions required. Normally patients on an average require any number between 3 to 6 sessions. Some body parts and hair types may require longer sessions than others.

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