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Hair removal is a common problem for both men and women. People are battling this problem for a very long time. Different techniques were developed to remove the hairs but what if your skin is sensitive? Most of the creams and chemical available today are not compatible with sensitive skin hair removal. Hair removal in Dubai can help you get rid of all the unnecessary hairs.

Both men and women suffer from sensitive skin and removing hairs from sensitive skin can be pretty problematic for them because they need to choose the right creams and chemicals for a good result and to avoid any complication with the skin. Sensitive skin requires different chemicals for hair removal and cannot be treated with traditional creams unless you want to create complications.

Hair removal techniques

Different hair removal techniques are used for the removal of hair from the sensitive skin. Their basic principle is the same as normal hair removal but the material used for the removal varies from normal hair removal. Special creams and chemicals are used for hair removal of sensitive skin.


While shaving hairs from sensitive skin special razors are used which are specifically designed to shave hair without causing complication. These razors contain lubrication strip which keeps the skin from rashes and other sensitive skin problem. The shaving gel used for sensitive skin is also skin friendly and does not cause any complication while shaving. Shaving hair is not a permanent solution for hair removal but the procedure of shaving is not painful

Hair Removing Creams

The market is full of hair removing cream but not all of these creams are suitable for removal of hair from the sensitive skin. The manufacturers of hair removing cream make a special type of creams that are specially designed for removal of hair from the sensitive skin. The ingredients used in making these creams are sensitive skin friendly. Hair removing cream is not a permanent solution for a hairless body the process needs to be repeated to stay hairless but the procedure in itself is painless

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Waxing is a procedure in which melted wax is applied to the skin in form of strips in the same direction of hairs. When the wax solidifies it is pulled in the opposite direction of hairs. The heated wax used in the procedure delegates the hair follicle making them easy to pluck out from the roots. There are certain special waxes specially designed for the removal of hairs from sensitive skin. This procedure is not permanent and has to be repeated from time to time. There is also lots of pain involved in the procedure.


Threading is an effective treatment but the procedure is painful and causes lots of discomforts. The procedure can be performed on any type of skin even sensitive skin because it doesn’t use any chemicals. In this procedure, the thread is used to grab the hairs and pluck it from roots. The procedure is not permanent and has to be performed on regular basis. It can only be performed on the small area due to the invasive nature of this procedure.

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Laser Hair Removal

What if we tell you that there is a procedure that can permanently remove hair and you don’t even have to worry about the sensitivity of the skin? Laser hair removal is that procedure. If the laser is performed by a trained dermatologist in a controlled way then it is totally safe for sensitive skin. This procedure uses the intense light called laser which burns the hair follicles to stop the hair growth in that location.

In this procedure, intense laser light is focused on a part of the skin and then that part of the skin is heated using the laser light. The light is absorbed by follicles which destroys the follicle in the process. Laser hair removal in Dubai is the only lasting solution for hair removal.

All of these procedures works great in removing hair from sensitive skin but if you are looking for permanent hair removal then you should go for Laser hair removal in Dubai.

If you are looking for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Dubai then you have come to the right place. We at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offer free online consultation with the best dermatologists in Dubai. All you need to do is fill the form below and you are good to go.

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